How to style a lob; the easy wave

Curls, waves and beachiness look so great on shorter hair. Long gone are the days when short hair meant that you couldn’t style it any other way than straight. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba and even Chezza back in the day have all rocked the long curly lob and it’s still super cute in 2017. I love this look and at the moment, I’m not a fan of my hair straight because I’m growing my fringe out and it just stands out too much. I’ve been trying a new tool to help me get this look and I’ve got a little review for you.

How do I curl my hair? Straighteners! I’ve always used straighteners to curl my hair and next curling irons because they give a less-round/curly and more wavey feel. I’ve had my battered old ghd stylers since by 18 birthday, so about 6.5 years now and they’re still going strong but they are looking a little bit worse for wear and grubby so it was time for an upgrade. I came across L’ange Hair and their styling range that also includes products.

The Aplatir flat irons (they’re an American company!) come in this pretty blush colour and are have ceramic plates that reduce frizz. They also have rounded edges which means curling is super easy and your hair isn’t left with a kink. They heat up really quickly and have heat choices in levels, unlike ghd. This is great if you want to use some heat but don’t want to completely frazzle your hair. If you can get away with using lower heat settings on your hair, you totally should. I always use a heat protectant, I’m using the Lee Stafford one from this post at the moment.

All in all these stylers are great and are a little cheaper than ghds I think so they’re awesome if you’re not in the ghd bracket but they are an import so I’m not sure what the shipping would be like over here in the UK, also you need to pick up a plug adaptor! They are lovely stylers but I’m not sure if I can give up my ghds just yet, there’s just something that’s making me hang on to them! Probably because I’ve had them for years and I have attachment issues apparently. Another product that’s excited on the hair market is this anti static brush – static is the worst isn’t it? When you’ve done your hair and you pop a jumper on and it instantly looks awful!

I’ve also been using their cool-toned Glace shampoo and the Froze conditioner which I absolutely love. They eliminate brassy tones and keep blondes to actually be blonde. The only think I’d say is that the tubes aren’t very big. Great for travelling obviously because they’re not huge but it’s a great product so it would be good to be able to buy it in slightly bigger quantities. I also love the packaging, isn’t it pretty? I’ve also been trying their sea salt texturizing spray which is great because it’s not sticky like other sea salt products that I’ve used it’s really light and actually offers some hold for your beachy waves.

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