4 ways to make your big day different

Weddings. They are all the same right? Everyone gets dressed up and wait around for the bride and groom to do their thing and then eats and drinks, sometimes with a bit of dancing thrown in until it’s carriages at midnight right? Well, if that sounds a bit to plain for you, because it does me, why not check out a little guide for making your wedding a day to remember, not just for you but also for all of your guests.

1. Dress code

One way to make sure that you wedding stays in people’s minds longer is to change the dress code up a bit from the traditional smart-formal. You can relax things and have everybody war whatever they are comfortable in. Or you could go with a particular colour theme. Something that I have seen work particularly well too is a fancy dress theme based on stuff that the couple and their friends particularly love such as Harry Potter or Star Wars. Not only does this make things fun, and gives you some wonderful photo opportunities, but it also acts as a fantastic ice breaker for any groups that don’t know each other previous to the wedding celebrations.

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2. Food

It can also help to make your wedding day more memorable if you change the food that people receive. This can be done and in a subtle was such as replacing the traditional wedding cake with a stack of tired cheeses! Then you still get your chance to cut the cake. But it’s something quite different, and as everyone loves cheese it’s bound to create a taking point with your guests.

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Or you could completely eschew the traditional buffet or sit down meal and go for something like a food van to provide the grub for you guests. Imagine their surprise and delight when they are offered a selection of hot and fresh cooked Asian street food instead of a dry sandwich with the corners curling?

3. Venue

Now the venue that you pick for you wedding will affect how the day goes. That is why if you want the thing to be truly memorable you really need to think out of the box. Forget hotels where everything is generic and go for something totally original such as a conservatory in a botanical garden. Or who about getting married on a yacht or boat?

Or if you have a somewhat particular in mind such as a forest or field you can invest in a tent from a business like The Tipi Company to erect in your chosen space. Then you get all the benefits of a marquee style wedding the style and originality of having a festival style tipi instead.

4. Favours

Lastly, you favour choice can help to differentiate your wedding day from other peoples as well. Particularly since they are often the thing that people take home with them and keep.  So pass on the netting bags of sugared almonds and go for something quirky like a personalised drinking jar, or a canvas tote bag with a message from the bride and groom printed on the front.

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