3 of my fave flooring trends rn

There are so many things I love when it comes to interiors, decor and home ware in general. One of the things that tends to catch my eye the most though is flooring, which I believe is the very foundation to any house (literally!). Flooring can set the tone for a whole room, when paired with different furnishings it can bring so many features out to play. With that in mind I have decided to chat about a couple of my fave floors with you, some old, some new but all just lovely!

1. Bold

It’s all about making a statement these days and what better way to do it than through your floor? Whether it’s reclaimed wood or distinct patterns, the bolder the better it would seem! One of my particular favourites is the herringbone/chevron parquet patterns. Although parquet isn’t necessarily a modern style of flooring it has seen a huge resurgence over the last year and it shows no signs of slowing, this classic style has been given a new lease of life and I love it!  Although they differ slightly in style, they both offer a similar zig-zag style however chevron patterns have a continuous zig-zag whereas herringbone is a broken zig-zag pattern. Simple, yes?

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2. Light

I am loving the lighter vibe at the moment, white washed floors, blondes and even greys seem to be rocking the interior world; offering that cool and crisp Scandi vibe. The great thing about using lighter coloured flooring is that it can make a smaller room automatically appear more spacious, as well as offering a really modern look to the room that it is installed in. You’ve probably noticed that light grey seems to be taking over! This is no different in the world of flooring either with many interior designers declaring that they think “the colour grey is here to stay” and I have to be honest – I completely agree with them, at first I thought it was a bit of a fad but as this year has progressed I reckon that grey will be a timeless classic, even in the instance of flooring.

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3. Patterns

Although I’ve already discussed making a statement, I haven’t talked about another favourite of mine; patterned tiles. I love the way that patterned tiles allow you to breathe your personality into something like the floor, which isn’t always much of a talking point when it comes to home interiors – but that can all be changed with patterned tiles. Whether they’re bohemian or Moroccan there’s something quite satisfying about trying to reflect different cultures and periods of time in your home and although floor tiles are more commonly used in bathroom/wet room areas it doesn’t mean that they should be ruled out for use in other rooms.

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So there they are, just a few of my favourite trends from parquet flooring to Moroccan tiles, talk about diverse! What’s your favourite home trend of the moment?

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