6 series to binge watch if you don’t like Game Of Thrones

Yuhuh, I went there. Jon Snow, who? Sorry to all you hardcore GoT fans I’m just not down. It’s not that I don’t *like* it – I just wasn’t into it when it first kicked off and now you guys are so far in I couldn’t possibly catch up. Dungeons and dragons just aren’t really my thing so it was never going to be a huge hit with me. BUT. This is not to say that I don’t love me a good series. I do, and I’m going to tell you what’s hot in my world when it comes to binge watching.

So, if like me, you’re not a fantasy fan but you do love a good old Sunday snuggled on the sofa with snacks and a ‘boxset’ (old school, huh?), stick with me.  There’s a right mix in here with some explosive thrills, sex scenes to rival the ol’ Game of Thrones and some downright good laughs.

1. Power

Set in Manhattan, this is the story of James “Ghost” St. Patrick and his fam, his double life and his best bud Tommy. Money laundering, cheating, drug lords and 50 Cent being a badass (and also the co-executive producer). It’s currently on it’s fourth season and shit is really getting real. Spoiler alert – Ghost has finally been locked up and he’s trying to clear his name. Sounds like any other series?

Yeah, it’s not. His girlfriend arrested him for killing her ex boyfriend, his wife can’t pay their kids’ school fees, he actually kills someone that wasn’t the guy that he got arrested for killing and he’s having to change his entire drugs flow because they’re under 24h surveillance. Plus, 50 Cent, who Ghost thought he’d killed, has lured his 16 year old kid into being his bud and keeps drugging him and wants ransom. Sassy girls, both Tommy and Ghost are weirdly hot, a sweet theme tune and a rollercoaster ride of action. I’d watch this from the beginning. I really want to re-start it any relive it because it’s awesome.

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Gorgeous ladies of wrestling in LA in the 80s. What’s not to love? I’m only a couple of episodes into this series that’s based on a true story but it’s hilarious, well-styled and something a little different to watch of an evening.

Starring Kate Nash and Alison Brie this series will transport you to another world. The programme follows the rise and fall of an amateur wrestling show with a pretty bad producer and actresses that have never wrestled before. Strap in for the ride.

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3. Riverdale

A perfect town in crisis, it’s the basis of a seriously great storyline. Riverdale, the home of maple syrup is as sickly sweet as it’s produce. Until the town’s golden boy is found washed up on the riverbank with a bullet hole in his forehead. Filled with this search and a whole lot of small town politics this high school based series is gripping in it’s own way. I think it’s been compared to Pretty Little Liars so if you’re into that, you’ve got to give Riverdale a try. Plus – the complete first season is out on DVD 14th August so get involved if you’re not a Netflix kween. 

I love the styling of this series, when it starts you think it’s going to be set in the 50s because it’s really retro and cinematic but it’s actually set in the modern day. The big questions is, who murdered Jason?

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4. Girlboss

Based loosely on the story of Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, this series follows the rise of the vintage eBay shop turned global empire. The quick half hour episodes are funny, chaotic and entertaining. Sophia is seriously turbulent and I love that about her, she probably reminds me of myself in someways! She knows what she wants, what she’s good at and how to play the industry.

This is definitely worth a watch once if you like girly series with a seriously cool wardrobe department. I know it’s been reported that a second season has been axed but I don’t think it needs it. They’ve told the story in a fun way and I don’t think it needs to be continued with some fiction bolted on.

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5. Modern Family

I think this is the only series on my list that’s not available on Netflix. I watched the entire 8 seasons of Modern Family on NowTV and I loved it. Easy, 20ish minute episodes are perfect for binge watching when you’ve got an hour to kill. A different story or message every time but the series are loosely linked and go along in time order.

Claire & Phil are basically everyone’s controlling/useless parents. They have three totally different kids (vapid yet loveable Haley, witty and smart Alex and clumsy Luke) and live in close proximity to Claire’s dad, Jay and his new sassy Colombian wife, Gloria (a.k.a my fave character) and her son Manny. Nearby live Claire’s brother Mitchell and his partner Cam who have recently adopted Lily from Vietnam. The seasons basically follow their family life and it’s so cute to watch them all grow up and go through normal family problems. Simple but perfect.

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6. Sons of Anarchy

Another series that I would watch from the beginning because it’s so damn good. Set over 7 series, Sons of Anarchy follows a charter of a Californian motorcycle club, their families and their business. Bloody, violent, turbulent, scary, thrilling and full of love, family drama and lies. People say that it gets a bit crazy around season 5 but you have to stick with it because it’s so damn good towards the end.

This is Charlie Hunnam’s proper rise to fame and it’s hard to see him as anyone else after you’ve seen him as Jax. Prepare to hide behind a cushion, scream at the telly, cry, laugh and press play on the next episode because it is epic. You’ll also 100% want to get yourself a motorbike and a cut by the end of the first episode. Stick with the Irish series too, it’s awkward when they change the theme tune but you need to let them do their thing. If you know, you know.

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  1. Thanks so much for the recommendations! I am a late arrival to the Suits bandwagon, so enjoying that at the moment. I will definitely give Power and Riverdale a try though. I find GOT a little too grisly personally 🙁

    1. Love love love Suits! I just didn’t put it in here because I don’t 100% understand what’s going on sometimes haha! Thanks for reading x

    1. Haha definitely not the only one! I’m just not a fantasy fan, can’t get on with it hah. I need people to text each other and stuff in my programmes

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