7 summer beauty launches fresh in my collection

Well, I say summer. I’m not quite sure where the sunshine has gone but these products have *technically* been released in the summer so we’re going to have to use our imagination here. To be fair, none of them are specifically summer related but they are NEW! So, let’s get into it.


Now that I finally like my hair I’m really enjoying trying new products. I think it’s because I finally love the colour and maybe blondes do have more fun, who knows? I always use a purple toning shampoo or conditioner but then always have a ‘normal’ shampoo or conditioner because I don’t feel like I need to double up the toning. At the moment I’m using the L’ange shampoo from this blog post and I’ve been trying out the beautiful smelling Lee Stafford Bigger Fatter Fuller Conditioner

“A volumising conditioner that adds body and bounce. The conditioning formula leaves hair feeling healthy and glossy without compromising volume.”

It definitely gives volume! I find that my hair’s harder to dry once I’ve used this because it’s thicker which is definitely annoying because I hate drying my hair but it definitely works. I do like what it does to my hair so I’ve just got to put up with a little longer blow drying time! Another product that does a similar thing is the Aveda Thickening Hair Tonic. I have normal hair in terms of the thickness but there’s quite a lot of it and this seems to bind everything together and when used with the Lee Stafford shampoo, it’s volume-ahoy!

“97% naturally derived formula is ideal for thinning hair, allowing you to achieve a fuller, denser appearance after just one use.”


This brand new to the market Pestle & Mortar Hydrate moisturiser smells like lemon drizzle cake. I am all over that. It’s lightweight and quick to absorb which is fab for speedy mornings. I also absolutely love the packaging because it’s one of those tubs that you press down on them and the product squirts out. Super hygienic and it’s so cool! This product doesn’t leave my skin greasy, it’s just soft and creates a great base for primer.

“Powered by a cocktail of patented peptides, the anti-ageing moisturiser helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, more refined texture.”

A product that I am so, so glad to have back in my collection is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This is their 20th Anniversary version in collaboration with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (a.k.a the dream face) and it’s just an amazing product. It has so many uses! My favourite is when I spritz it onto my face as I apply foundation and then onto my beauty blender to blend in my concealer. It leaves a really nice finish and my base doesn’t cake. I also like to spritz it after I’ve finished my makeup as a setting spray. Plus, it smells awesome.

“This beautiful makeup setting mist instantly rejuvenates my complexion, making my skin glow throughout the day.” – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Masks are a weekly thing for me, I like to use on one Sunday mornings whilst I’m cleaning the flat. I picked this up to replace my Dermalogica Skin Refining mask – the Clarins SOS Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask is in lush packaging and is a great clay mask that does exactly what it says on the tin. It draws out impurities and I usually have a few whiteheads the day after using it which I think is great because it means it’s working.

I’ve also spotted these luxe beauty wipes which look so great for taking off makeup on the go!


Onto beauty and I picked up the Eyeko Lash Alert mascara from the Kay Montano edit after a recommendation from one of my girls at work. I needed a new mascara and I’d always liked the Eyeko eyeliner. I also needed a new liquid liner so I picked up the Kay Montano edit which also features their amazing Skinny eyeliner and some lovely eyelash curlers. This was a bargain, I think it’s only £25 and it’s worth over £40! This mascara is awesome, it has caffeine in it which I’m not 100% sure what it does but what I do know is, it’s a great mascara! Opens up my eyes and doesn’t clog my lashes up. Easy for everyday wear.

Finally, my last product is the Joan Collins Fade to Perfect Concealer. I’ve been impressed with products from the Joan Collins brand in the past, I featured the body scrub in my autumn faves months ago and it was awesome. I’ve also tried their mascara which I featured in this post and I actually really enjoy using this too. But, this concealer really doesn’t make the cut. I’ve also tried the First Base foundation and I think they’re basically the same product. A thin concealer that doesn’t offer much coverage, doesn’t seem to last and isn’t glowy or anything special. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this, I much prefer my concealers to pack a coverage punch and this doesn’t.

But, after all the beauty and skincare, let’s be honest. The plant is the star of this show. This little babe is from the Blossoming Gifts Succulent Trio and it’s just the cutest thing. It came with two other succulents but they’re a bit damaged from the postage so it’s sad but this guy survived and he’s so cute! He’s now taken pride of place on my windowsill.

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