4 ways to use nature in your home decor

Looking for a fresh way to decorate your home? Why not get inspired by nature, and bring the outdoors in? It works for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, wherever you want to use it. Best of all, you can stick to the theme as closely or loosely as you’d like and make it work for you and your tastes. Here are a few of the ways you could go about using nature in your decor.

1. Think about colour

If you’re going to create a natural theme, it makes sense to choose colors that can be found in nature. Neutrals are a good start, cream or ivory walls make a great blank canvas that everything else would work well with. Blues and greens are another great choices, pale green walls with a green chesterfield sofa and green accessories for example would certainly set the scene for your natural inspired haven. Avoid very vibrant, or man made colors to ensure everything works together.

2. Think about furniture

Exposed, natural wood is always going to be a great choice for a theme like this. While mirrored furniture, gloss, and pretty white wood are lovely choices for elsewhere- with a natural theme, you’re best choosing materials you might see in nature. Wooden furniture has the benefit of being beautiful as well as long lasting. You could even see if you can find old pieces you can upcycle. Often a sand down and a change of handles can make all the difference.

3. Pick the right flooring

Wood is an easy choice for a natural themed room, solid wood is stunning and long lasting, but laminate would also work well if you were on a budget. Another option you could consider is natural stone tiles. Granite, limestone, and marble all look beautiful and luxurious and will last for many years. 

4. Find beautiful accessories

It’s your accessories that will really bring your theme to life. Your soft furnishings are the perfect opportunity to include some natural themed prints – floral and other leaf and botanical prints are the best. Ideal for curtains, cushion covers, and wall hangings. Real life flowers and plants are another good option- twine hanging planters or rustic looking pots would be perfect for displaying them. You could go with rustic wooden framed mirrors- ideal for bouncing as much light around as possible and making the space look bigger. Hessian lined wicker baskets are ideal for tying the theme together as well as providing you storage space to keep everything neat and tidy. Urban Outfitters have some really great plant-based accessories!

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