How to navigate British summer in style

On a rare sunny Sunday I shot a few snaps with some new buys and I thought that this is typical British summer. It was about 19-ish degrees and sunny at random intervals. When I think British summer, this is it. Not those freak heatwaves we have for about a week and then it rains for two. This is British summer and how to style it can be tricky!

So, how’s best to dress for actual British summertime? Here’s a few things you could do!

1. Light layers = essential

Our summertime can be unpredictable so light layers like this soft black blazer from Next are essential! It might rain, it could get breezy and it might all of a sudden ramp up the sunshine and you’ll be sweatin’. British summer is undecided and light layers are key to making sure you’re prepared. Plus, they’re definitely necessary if you work in an office during the summer because I guarantee you, if it’s anything like mine, it’ll be sub zero in there.

2. Brighten up with accessories

Summer does make everything prettier so why not complement it with some bright accessories? We can still feel summery and sunny with a few pops of colour. This pink ring handle bag is from Next, I picked it up from Victoria Retail Park the other weekend and it was a bargain at just £20. For something that’s going to easily brighten up loads of outfits and can be taken from day to night, this is a serious style updater.

3. Shop for your style, not the season

Even though it’s “summer” this doesn’t mean we can wear sundresses and sandals for 4 months of the year. So, unless you’re heading away somewhere on holiday where your sunshine is guaranteed, don’t buy a whole new summer wardrobe just because the shops are telling you it’s the season to. I still shop during the summer but I definitely buy similar things to the rest of the year. Classic trainers like these Old Skool Vans are perfect to wear with dresses and skirts as well as skinny blue jeans and trousers and staple tops like this Calvin Klein logo tee are great to wear all year round.

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  1. How mix matched has this summer been? Yesterday it was boiling hot and sunny so I didn’t take a jacket, I then came out of a shopping centre to black clouds, pouring rain and found myself looking like an absolute idiot in a tshirt and slip dress!! I’m all about dressing for your style and not the season. You look gorgeous girl x

    Abi | abistreetx

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