What is microdermabrasion and does it work?

Microdermabrasion sounds so scary. Like sandpapering your face, right? Well, that’s what I thought until I was invited to try the Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion treatment at Alexsa Beauty in Mansfield.

What is it?
This facial is a ‘resuracing treatment’ that gets to work on problem skin, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. Basically, it’s meant to leave your skin rejuvenated, soft and refreshed!

How does it work?

Basically it exfoliates the skin and buffs away dead skin cells. The treatment blows a controlled stream of fine crystals at speed onto the skin through a hand held nozzle. The crystals are then sucked back up along with the exfoliated layers of skin to leave ‘gorgeously glowing skin’.

What does it feel like?

For starters, it doesn’t hurt at all. The only time that I even thought about it was when I had the treatment over a couple of blemishes that would hurt anyway if I touched them. It literally feels like a tiny little hoover is being drawn across your skin.

What actually happens?

First up you get snuggy under a blanket and have your skin double cleansed in order to remove any makeup and general grime before the treatment starts. Then there’s one application of the Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion all over and then a little section of treatment on any problem areas where there’s excess oil or in my case a few blemishes. Then there’s a ‘lifting’ treatment with the equipment which just feels like the vacuum is sucking a little harder on your skin, this brings blood to the surface and plumps it up. An awesome cooling, peel off mask is then applied all over before a scalp massage kicks in. I had the 45 minute treatment which includes the massage. When the mask comes off, a final serum is applied and you’re done!

Does it work?

After only having one treatment I can definitely see a difference in my skin, a lot of my under the skin whiteheads that I was struggling with on my chin had reduced massively and my skin felt softer and less oily. I’d definitely have it again because I think with regular treatments it would make a huge difference to problem skin. You can’t see much of a different between these before and after photos because the light is different but I hope you can see how glowy my skin was afterwards.

I would say, if you’re a fake tan fan, microdermabrasion might not be your favourite treatment as of course with exfoliation, all your tan comes off! I was left with a bit of a bronze halo in my hairline from where I’d been tanning my face.

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