6 beauty products I’m loving rn

I rarely purchase new makeup these days because I’m trying to use up everything I’ve already got but I have picked up some new bits over the past couple of weeks that I’m really enjoying so I wanted to share some of these gems with y’all.

We ran into some lovely Benefit samples at work and I went home with the Benefit GoGo Tint and the Benefit They’re Real Duo Shadow Blender which was a lovely surprise. Let’s start with the eyeshadow. The weird little applicator is impossible to use so let’s just forget about that. It’s tiny and you can not keep hold of it unless you have a pincer grip. But, the product itself, being the eyeshadow is a beautiful rich taupe-y brown shade and I’ve been using it almost everyday because it’s lovely and matte. The shimmery shade is also a great highlight colour and the formula of both is buttery and smooth and really long lasting.

GoGo Tint is something that I am a little bit obsessed with at the moment. A lot of people can’t get on with a liquid blush but I absolutely love this stain-style of blush. It lasts for ages and is really easy to blend, it just takes a little getting used to. This shade is a really bright pink so it looks awesome with a tan.

I ran out of my beloved Clarins Instant Concealer and wanted a slightly more purse friendly option. I’ve heard a lot about NYX beauty so decided to try out the NYX Professional Make-Up Concealer Wand in the shade Light. For £5.40 (with student discount from ASOS), this was an absolute bargain and it’s really great for brightening dark circles I’m finding. It doesn’t completely take over from my love of Clarins because I would buy that concealer again in a heart beat but it’s a great high street alternative.

The Batiste Bare dry shampoo is a boring but a seriously great find especially if you find usual dry shampoo to be a little too much. I love the ‘Bare’ version of Batiste because it’s just so much lighter than their usual formula and it doesn’t leave your hair all white and flaky if you apply too much. Dry shampoo pro over here.

The only skincare product in this lineup is the Skinfix Foaming Oil Cleanser. A really different product that’s crept its way into my routine. It’s 97% natural, has no synthetic fragrance and is super gentle. It has coconut oil in the formula and we all know how much coconut oil is famed for being the cure all for literally everything. It’s a really lovely creamy formula and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I wouldn’t really say that it’s much of a  ‘foaming’ cleanser as you would usually expect a foam cleanser to properly foam up and go nuts, right? It doesn’t, it simply lathers so I think the name is a bit misleading but I do really enjoy using this and I’d recommend it for sensitive skin.

Finally, last but definitely the most important is the holy grail powder highlighter. This is the UNiDAYS chick secret weapon. We literally all wear this in the marketing team because it is pure shimmery goodness. The Kiko Water Eyeshadow in Light Gold is an eyeshadow but is the perfect highlight that actually shows up on your skin. You literally can’t use too much of this beauty and it’s under £10.

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