3 ways to deal with a sports injury

I wanted to call this blog post ‘how to deal with a sports injury without losing your mind’ but I thought it was probably a bit of a harsh way to put it and it might offend. But, in reality, it’s the truth. Not being able to do something that you always do and love can really affect your mental health, your wellbeing and your happiness. Here’s three things that I’m trying to do myself at the moment to deal with my own injury.

1. Rest and seek professional help

This is two in one! I’m not 100% sure what my injury is at the moment. I just have a couple of niggling pains, one in my tricep and one in my shin and I’m on the way to discovering what they are by seeing one of the team at my gym and then if they recommend, I’ll see a physio. The best advice is to always rest something if it hurts because you could make it so much worse. But, this is the most difficult advice to follow and it’s one that can really get you down.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

If you’re used to working out a lot and burning a trillion calories it can be a shock when you realise you’re either putting on a little bit of weight because you can’t eat as much as you normally can when you’re training hard. This sucks and putting on weight is going to make the whole injury scenario even more upsetting if it’s not something that you’re keen on. Personally, I know that I can only eat pretty much everything I want and stay the same size because I exercise 3-5 times a week. So, when this stops, I need to put down the Digestives and find an alternative.

You’ll have seen this gorgeous chocolate and berry protein balls on the blog and my Instagram before because they are a staple healthy snack for me. They’re chocolatey, comforting, rich and so delicious and they’re around 120 calories a pop. These completely satisfy my 3pm or 9pm choccy cravings and don’t leave me with a sugar high.

3. Find something you can do

It can be so frustrating having to rest when you just want to head to the gym so it’s important to find something that you can still do, if there are any options. Obviously if you have a serious injury it’ll most likely be simply just physio that you’ll be able to do but, if like me, you have a small injury, there’s always something else you can do.

Still grab your gym kit and get out there to do whatever you can. I can still do a bit of cardio and I can still do the majority of yoga poses (the crow’s out for now unfortunately!) so I’m trying to focus my energy on these as well as the odd circuits class that I adapt when I get there. I’m still fine with planks, ab stuff, lunges and shoulder movements so that’s great and I can still move about a lot and feel active but it does get really frustrating and it’s quite limiting when I can’t do any kind of squat or chest/tricep exercise.

Buying new gym kit is always a motivator for me and the new Jack Wills activewear range is millenial pink and gorgeous and it’s giving me a little bit of hope rn.

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