3 ways to find the perfect underwear

For a lot of us looking good is important and it can really affect your day to day confidence. When you’re comfortable with what you are wearing your confidence shines through, that’s what I think! We take care to choose outfits we love all the time, right? But, one thing many of us forget to do is to buy the right underwear to go with the sassy outfits that we buy! How many makeover shows have you seen where they kick off with the right knickers first and it’s like magic, everything looks awesome? It’s so true how we need to start with great foundations.

As you can see here there is some really gorgeous lingerie available on the high street. However, choosing items that look nice is not enough when you go shopping for your pants. Underwear needs to provide the right level of support if you want it to look great. It doesn’t matter how hot your new top is, if you’re wearing a bra that gives you a uni-boob, it’ll look awful! A good bra will lift and shape you so your dresses and tops actually hang properly. Here are the 3 golden rules that you could follow when it comes to finding the best underwear for you.

1. It shouldn’t restrict movement (or feel loose!)

Underwear should not cut into you or leave a crazy indentation when you take it off! This means it’s too tight and it’ll be super uncomfy. Making sure that your lingerie offers you the right level of support and fits well is the only way to create a smooth silhouette. Tight underwear is not only uncomfortable but it can also restrict your movement. When you try on items, remember to stretch, fold your arms and bend down in them, so you can make sure you can still move freely.

2. Avoid embarrassing moments

No-one wants a VPL. If you’re planning to wear tight trousers, a thong or no VPL pants are probably a great idea. Also, when you buy a bra, think about the kind of clothing you are most likely to be wearing it with.  That way you can choose a cut that will give you enough support without being visible when you bend forwards etc.

3. Choose the right colour

If you like wearing white tops, it is v, v, v important to buy flesh coloured bras! Even white bras can be seen under white tops, trust me. Sometimes they can even look worse because they can stand out so much!

As you can see buying the right style of underwear is really important. If you’re not 100% sure of how to find items that suit you, this article is really useful. In it, you will learn how to correctly identify your body type and which cuts are likely to work best for you! Winner. Good luck, gals.

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