What I spend in a week #3

Spending and budgeting are probably one of my most talked about subjects. I’ve always been careful with money so love to dole out (lectures) advice where I can and I always monitor my monthly spending. I did a little Twitter poll last week all about spending diaries and I haven’t done one for a few months so I thought it was about time. I love reading these posts on Refinery29 because I’m super nosy and just love to see what people spend their money on!

Please let me know in the comments what you think about these posts and whether you like reading them or not. I don’t think I’ll be doing them weekly because the poll resulted in ‘once in a while’ and ‘monthly’ as the best options so perhaps every 6-8 weeks I’ll do a little spending diary!


Pay-day. Yes. Book some train tickets home from London for an upcoming weekend when I’m there for work on a Friday – first class is only £6 more so we grab a little treat each. You get free WiFi, water, snacks and coffee in first class and we’d be buying those things anyway so it’s worth the upgrade price. – just under £50 for my share.

Decided to go on a ‘spending ban’ with the girls from work on clothes today. Let’s see how this goes!


Crazy day running errands, picking up parcels etc so we pop into town for a little coffee and a cheeky Millionaire’s shortbread from 200 Degrees. After watching caramel week on the Bake Off last week we were both craving one. – £5.65 for my share.

Pop into Primark and grab a new fitted sheet and some pillow cases – £3.60 for my share (bargain!)

Time for food shopping and we spent £19.20 each because we had a killer £16 in Iceland vouchers from E.on rewards so we saved a little bit this week and grabbed some of the great ‘exotic’ meats like buffalo burgers and venison sausages. We’re not food snobs at all and Iceland really have some great bits. We also picked up frozen cauliflower rice and a few herbs and spices to stock up the cupboards. This was included in my separate food budget which is around £90-100 a month.


Walk into the next little area of Nottingham from where we live and grab a small lunch of coffees, sausage rolls and share a scone! £5.60 for my share.

Had a few bits on eBay, sold some trainers and a skirt that I hadn’t worn, make £35!


Off work for a couple of days so yoga (included in gym membership) in the morning then head to the post office to post the eBay bits, already had packaging stuff and the postage was obviously paid for in the eBay listing. – £8.70

Grab a snack from Lidl on the way home from being out. Also get Batiste dry shampoo for £1.49 – yes Lidl. – £2.60

We popped into H&M on Saturday and I spotted some gorgeous little mugs. I didn’t buy them there and then, wanted to have a think and decided to try them because there’s 20% off (I get this as a work perk!) and free delivery so I spend £22.35 on a couple of cute mugs and a bowl for blog props and general sassing up the house. Also pick up a belt with a gold buckle because, style essential. There goes my spending ban a little bit. Do accessories count? Eek. Seeing as I sold some bits on eBay I’m seeing this H&M order as a straight swap!

Also whilst on my laptop I spy a leaf print phone case on eBay and snap it up. – £5.95. That’s enough spending for one day. Spending ban on clothes is going OK-ish but homeware not so much it seems.


Gym this morning and whip up a chilli for dinner before we head out for another coffee at The Bakehouse in Sherwood. It’s literally amazing here, the cakes are delicious, the coffee is from 200 Degrees and the setting is super cute. £3.85 for half a brownie and a latte! Check out a house for sale but it’s a bit too much of a project, maybe, so I won’t be adding £100,000 to this week’s spending diary.

Spend the afternoon catching up on some blog bits and watching absolute trash on ITV catch up.


Still of work today, last day before back tomorrow and we head to Wollaton Hall to meet some friends and their gorgeous little girl. £4.50 on coffee and parking from the shop whilst we all catch up. Head to town and get my nails re-done by the lovely Robyn from Dolly Nottingham £25. Last day of being a lady of leisure so we headed out to the pub for a few beers in the evening (£6 for me) before home to watch a Reggie Yates documentary with homemade burgers.


Back to work today and this is my last day of the spending week. Have to get the bus in, £1.90! Work is crazy and I’ve got a dentist check up at lunch time so no chance for me to spend any money. Head to a lovely blogger event that you’ll see a post about soon so dinner is on the city tonight!

Total: £145.70 

Quite a pricey week because of the train tickets, would have been under £100 without those which isn’t too bad! A lot of time off so a lot of coffees and chilling out. Nails done too which is a treat but I’ve got a blog shoot coming up soon and it’s just a lot less stressful to have them gelled up rather than trying to paint them myself the night before! And to make myself feel better I did make about £25 after postage costs on my eBay bits so that paid for my H&M goodies.

£51.90 Travel

£26.71 Eating out & snacks

£26.49 Beauty

£20.95 Homeware (stocking up on blog props and new sheets!)

£5 Clothes

Check out instalment 2 and my first ever spending diary post! Also, if you fancy reading my 4 tips about being better with money check this post out, and I’ve also written 4 tips on how to shop the sales and get the most out of them without wasting money.

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