How I prep for a blog photo shoot

Blog photography is one of those things that look effortless and gorgeous when they’re done right and is something that I’m always striving to improve. I’m not the biggest fan of my own photography a lot of the time and I’m not great at teaching myself new skills. So I think it’s just something I need to put the effort in to improve myself. If anyone has any tips posts on photography for the Olympus Pen ELP7, please hook me up in the comments!

But, because obviously you can’t really take outfit photos on your own unless you’re a whizz with the self timer you need to find yourself an awesome photographer like I did. Anna is amazing and she always takes my ‘proper’ fashion/style photos! I’ve had a little break recently on these style of photos but recently had a shoot and I thought I’d share how I prep for one!

First up, I either assess whether I’ve been sent any goodies from brands to shoot in terms of clothes/accessories. Then I also think about the time of year, what content you guys would like to see, what I’ve bought recently if I’ve been shopping, what I’ve shot before, etc, etc! I then get myself onto Pinterest or my Instagram saved outfits and get down with the inspiration. Check out this post on how I like to organise my inspo if you’re interested in that. Did you see my super cute new laptop cover in the main image? It’s from Slick Case in case you’re interested!

Once I’ve decided on my outfits I iron everything, try it all on and make sure that I’m happy with all the different elements. I pack up my bags and always take a suit carrier with everything hung up in. It gets heavy to carry so a backpack or holdall is a must, especially if there’s different pairs of shoes too.

After everything’s packed up I’ll make sure I’m ready – the night before I’ll tan if I need to or paint my nails etc. The morning of I’ll usually wash my hair and put on a lot more makeup than usual, taking a lot more time over contour and that kind of thing. Again, hook me up with contour tips and products in the comments because I need help! I always take hair products and extra makeup for touch ups on shoots so if anyone sees any cute travel sized products, let me know.

When out and about on shoots I always have to re-do my hair by brushing it and popping in a texture spray like the amazing¬†Aveda¬†Texture Tonic. You literally can’t control the elements when you’re shooting outside so having something like this is the best way to get texture and your hair looking right before the shots begin. This product is basically a sugar spray not a salt spray so it’s not drying at all it just gives some lovely texture. Essential, because I can’t stand when my hair goes fluffy!

If you’ve got any questions about what actually happens on a blogger shoot, check out this Q & A between my lovely photographer Anna and my lovely friend Robyn over on her blog!

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