3 ways to perfect furniture buying

Furniture is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting your interiors perfect. Not only is furniture a practical necessity (obv), but it’s a huge part of your style picture. If the furniture in a room isn’t working, then it’s impossible for the room to look its best. When trying to find that missing piece of the puzzle, it can be easy to throw yourself headfirst into a furniture search. Flicking through the gorgeous interiors Instagram accounts is my first port of call! That’s the easy part. Here are three of the most common mistakes that we all make when buying furniture. If you can cut these out of your shopping experience, you can be sure the result will be a room that is just how you want it. 

1. Not measuring

Even using a piece of string and then consulting the IRuler is better than just guessing the space you have available.

2. Forgetting you’re going to have to clean it

If you have been eying a glass dining table or a glass TV stand, you’re probably swept away by the sassy-ness of the item. Your room will look bigger as a result of glass furniture, cleaner, and effortlessly more stylish. There is, however a potential downside: glass is notoriously difficult to keep clean. Of course, there are ways and means around this problem. Microfibre cloths, for example, work brilliantly on glass. So it’s not that you can’t buy difficult-to-clean items, just that you need to be aware they will require a little extra effort.

3. Not having an overall vision of a room

Looking at a room it’s easy to think of things you’d like to put into it. You could put a lamp here, a new footstool there, and you’re on your way. The problem can come when you think of things one by one and by the time you’re finished, the room ends up looking disjointed and scattered. The individual pieces are great, but they somehow don’t fit together. It’s a little bit chaotic.

If you buy furniture just for the item itself, then this chaos is inevitable. You have to look at how a new piece will work with the rest of your room and decor. Some stores, such as IKEA, have augmented reality apps now, so you can see how an item would look before you buy. By ensuring you avoid these common mistakes, you can be totally confident your next furniture purchase is going to be a breeze.

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