My denim evolution

Denim is one of those things that I think people have comfort blankets with, it definitely is for me. I’m 80% a skinny jeans girl these days and have been for a long time now. Pre-skinny jeans days it was all about the boot cut for the school disco, right? And before the boot cut days it was all about the skater fit jeans – remember those Tammy Girl dreamboats? Amazing. The more ripped, the baggier, the grubbier, the better. Those were the days. My jeans evolution has grown with me as I’m sure it has for most people my age and denim will always be my number one go-to for the start of an outfit.

Now, I said I’m 80% a skinny jeans girl. This is true because the Mom jean style has crept its way into my wardrobe and has planted itself firmly in my style mind. I’ve been aware of them for ages but I’d always find them to be too big and to look slightly too ‘vintage’ and that made me feel really frumpy so I’d never be comfortable wearing them. Until these Zara babes came along. They’re tight enough to not make me feel frumpy and like I’ve raided a thrift shop and tailored enough to look great and relaxed with trainers. They’re also a really sweet shade of blue which I think is really hard to find. Thanks, Zara, you might not be my favourite place to shop but you’ve definitely come through for me here.

Also wearing my fave new striped blue shirt from GANT, the Rugger Dreamy Oxford Slub Stripe Shirt, to be precise, my trusty white high top Converse, this beauty of a vintage leather bag that I picked up from a vintage fair in Bath when I first moved to the South West, this incredibly versatile and mega good value Primark khaki utility jacket (similar Missguided one here) and finally, H&M geometric hoops.

The jeans I’m wearing in this post are from Zara a few weeks back, absolutely love them and thinking I’m in need of some washed black ones too. Check out some of the jeans on ASOS that are up there on my mom jeans wish list. First up the Pull&Bear Straight Leg Mom Jean are definitely the most similar to these Zara babes and are almost identical in price and colour too. The washed black Warehouse Mom Cut Jeans are just dreamy and look so cute with those heeled pumps that I just totally can’t pull off. Finally, the PrettyLittleThing Ripped Mom Jean are perfect for the skater-chick vibes that are coming back and I am all over because I’m still basically 13 and living off Blink 182.

All amazing photography by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography.

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