How to stay social in 2017

It can be so easy to get the ‘busy bug’ as I call it and forget to actually socialise with your favourite people. Everyone’s lives are manic and it can be so difficult to find a date that everyone can get together. Or, worst case scenario – we end up cancelling because we’re too tired, right? This is such a bad habit of nowadays I think! Because we catch up over social media, we can sometimes think that we know what’s happening in our friends’ lives. But, we totally don’t. I decided to round up my favourites and start autumn the Swedish way and have a little dinner party with a few of our besties to get a little more social.

I’ve always been interested in the Scandinavian and Swedish way of life. I mean, did you know they only work 4 days a week and still get everything done? I’d love that. I’m also a huge fan of Scandi style so discovering Swedish food was just the next step in the Swedish overhaul that is my life!

Because autumn dinner parties are a Swedish tradition I’ve paired up with Rekorderlig Cider for this post. Isn’t the first sip of refreshing cider just super relaxing? I think it starts the party off perfectly. But, did you know, in Swedish culture, you’re not allowed to sip your drink until your host has told you that you can? Also, you should never arrive even one minute early! If the party starts at 7pm you should then arrive between 7:00 and 7:15. This is in Sweden though, not at my house! I’m an on-time kinda gal and I’m not sure even my love of Scandinavian culture will change this.

My final fun fact on Swedish dinner party culture is that you’re not supposed to sit with your partner, – the whole point of a Swedish dinner party is to meet new people which I think is a really nice and social idea.

Flavour pairing 101

The team over at Rekorderlig have studied the gorgeous flavours of their ciders and have recommended some flavour pairings so I thought I’d share them incase you fancied impressing your buds at your next get together! The Strawberry-Lime flavour, my ultimate fave, is perfect with berry cheesecake and balsamic chicken – according to Rekorderlig’s flavour experts. I always like to have fresh lime and strawberries in my cider, especially when entertaining for a fresh, zesty taste experience! Obviously I’ve gone for salmon in this dish because I feel it’s just the freshest flavour with the Strawberry-Lime Rekorderlig. I whipped up some beautiful tarragon and garlic fillets, chilli new potatoes with a tomato and goats cheese salad from a little recipe from the Scandinavian Comfort Food recipe book.

Passionfruit is also perfect with salmon and white chocolate apparently and Spiced Plum (one of my favourites in the winter time) is perfect with deeper flavours like duck and gingerbread! The sweet and tropical Mango-Raspberry flavour is perfect with smokey pulled pork and creamy cheese too. Finally, the Wild Berries flavour is the best with prawns and seafood and also brie.

What do you reckon? Send that text, actually ask for a date that your favourites are free and get something in the diary for an autumn dinner party!

Ska! (Cheers in Swedish, didn’tcha know?!)

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