5 AW hair trends I’m loving

While I’m still trying to prolong the end of summer as this weird hot October weather is taking over, I need to accept that the seasons are changing! With this change comes loads to look forward to – one of those being new hair trends to try out. I’m definitely going to go a little darker for the winter as I’ve been quite blonde for most of the summer. Check out these 6 sweet trends for AW.

1. Autumnal tones

There is little better way to celebrate the autumn season than with a classical autumn hair colour. I definitely embraced this last year but I’m 100% loving the ashy tones at the moment. Deep reds or even dark rosy pinks are perfect warm tones for AW. If you’re not quite ready to take that plunge and go for red, then try a warm brunette shade with deep red undertones. Glamour showed us Emma Roberts’ amazing cayenne red locks here.

2. Distressed knots

Summer plaits and braids are now a thing of the past and the new season is all about those distressed and casual knots. You can wear these high or low, and twist your hair into a loose and relaxed looking bun with straying ends. This is going for the messy but stylish look, perfect for those cold days where you just want to lounge about and be casual.

3. Low ponytails

You may have already started to see those rocking the low ponytail look already as it grows in popularity. The relax ponytail is an alternative to the top knot for a day in the office or a weekend spent outdoors. If you don’t want to stop partying, tie your hair in a low ponytail with a thin hair band. This style is perfect for those with longer hair, but if you have short hair and really love this look then don’t worry, as there are plenty of options for prebonded extensions.

4. Smoky grey

Grey has never been more in fashion or style and I definitely love it. It’s just soooo high maintenance and I had to throw in the towel. 

5. Peaches and cream (smoked)

This is something for those who want to be bold and out there this autumn/winter with a cooler colour. Blend together peach, blonde, tangerine and charcoal for a look that Allure described as ‘the intersection of all the latest hair colour trends’. Take ashy roots then add orange into the mid section and then blonde to the end, to make you hair begin to look like a sunset horizon which is guaranteed to turn heads this season.


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