My three winter style essentials

I’ve found over this winter season that I’ve developed a few favourite pieces and wanted to share them with you guys! There’s three styles that I’m loving, mini skirts that are A-Line (not tight, not flippy – A-Line!), the teeny tiny mini bag and chunky boots. Check out some of my favourites below.

1. The A-Line Skirt

And, especially leather or faux leather! I’ve had a black leather A-Line skirt from Warehouse for about 3 years now and it’s still going strong. I wear it at least once a week and it’s just a style that I find really flattering. This shiny vinyl skirt was from New Look in the sale so it’s not online anymore but this one is super similar and is arguably even more gorgeous from NL. What’s your favourite skirt style?

This stripe top I’m wearing in my photographs is a Comme De Garcon one but this New Look babe has amazingly cute frilly sleeves and is only a tenner!

2. The Mini-Bag

I love the pop of this Zara yellow crossbody bag and I think teeny bags just give a nice accent to outfits. As you might have seen on my Instagram, I picked up a super cute Rebecca Minkoff camera bag which is a gorgeous colour. I think I’m mini bag addicted – what do you think? Are you a mini bag fan or are you still rocking the oversized look? I’ve got the ‘stuff’ issue sorted now – I thought I’d always need a big bag to get literally everything I need in my bag but I’m actually coping now with just a normal sized bag. Turns out, you don’t need literally every lip balm you own in your bag when you go out. Go figure.

3. The Chunky Boots

Finally, these boots are one of my favourite buys of the season, these ASOS Adventure velvet chunky boots go with everything and they’re really cosy and are such a bargain for their quality. I’ve got some other chunky ASOS boots that I wore in this post from last year with buckles that I love as well. Boots are a winter staple but I’m all about the ankle boot.

I’m not a calf length or a knee high kinda gal and I’m definitely not an over the knee gal, I just don’t feel comfortable in them so ankle boots are my go to. I love a Chelsea boot but I find that a chunkier boot keeps me warmer when temperatures are low and they give a little sass to an outfit.

Finally, I know I’ve worn this F & F Clothing jacket SO many times but it really is so cute and it’s actually really warm for this time of year. This Vero Moda Faux Leather Aviator Jacket is super similar but there’s a tonne all over the high street, I’ve also seen a cute one on Missguided but, ASOS’ returns are obviously better!

Let me know what your style faves have been this winter in the comments.

Lovely photos by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography. This post includes affiliate links.

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