4 ways to boost your self care routine this January

Self-care is getting so much air time these days and it’s so great that it is. We’re all starting to realise how great it is to treat yourself, be Hygge at home, chill out, relax, stop beating ourselves up about eating chocolate biscuits and just generally be nice to ourselves. It’s all about relaxing, your wellbeing, your health, sleep quality, the list goes on. But, at the end of the day it’s all things that we should care SO much about but in this crazy modern age (lol how old am I?), we can forget about because we’re just “too busy”. Here are four of the ways that I’m trying to use to look after myself a little bit more. After all, we only gots one body and one mind, guys, might as well treat them right!

1. Switch off earlier 
Instead of spending half an hour scrolling, online shopping or looking on Instagram making myself feel like crap, my New Years’ resolution is to read more before I go to sleep. This is really helping me sleep and generally chill out more. If you follow me on Instagram and check out my stories you would have seen that took a little trip to the library last week because I wanted to get some books to read in bed as well as my 3 books I’m reading this January. I love a fluffy fiction book and I didn’t have a ‘story’ book to read alongside the other babes that I’m wanting to read this month so I popped and picked up some chick lit from the library. I love to read but I don’t like to hoard books and sometimes I prefer to read an actual book as opposed to on my iPad so the library is perfect! Free books!
I have no shame in admitting that the books I love to read are chick-lit, funny, romantic, generally with shoes on the cover and just plain simple. They make me happy and I genuinely find them to be page turners! Jill Mansell is one of my favourite authors and her books are fantastic. I’m currently on My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella so if you’ve read this and you liked it, pop over your recommendations!

2. Create a relaxing atmosphere
I’ve become a *little* bit obsessed with scented candles, room sprays, pillow sprays – you name it. I just love when my space smells amazing and just feels cosy. I love scatter cushions and my faux fur throw (hands down best gift my Mamma’s ever bought me!). I just want to be snuggly and relaxed, is that too much to ask? I’ve been loving the WoodWick candles that crackle as they burn as I received a lovely cinnamon one when I left my last job and I’ve just got my first Yankee Candle and it’s also awesome. Neom Organics have gorgeous candles with scents to make you Happy or De-Stressed. 95% of people that they surveyed felt calmer and less stressed after lighting this candle which sounds perfect to me. Neom are a gorgeous brand that are caring to skin but their products also help to combat poor sleep, stress, low energy. Basically, every issue that us Millennials (lollll) are dealing with weekly! I really want to try their Perfect Night’s Sleep 3 Step Programme – it looks awesome!
3. Eat yourself happy
Self-care is all about looking after your body as well as your mind. As much as it’s about not beating yourself up when you want to devour that gooey brownie, it’s also about nourishing your body with what it needs. We’ve always been healthy eaters but we also love a treat so I think we’ve got a good balance! We recently picked up Jamie Oliver’s new 5 ingredient meals book and it’s packed full of delicious looking recipes so I’m looking forward to cracking some of those out soon. Fitness wise, I’ve got back into working out and I’m using the Kayla Itsines SWEAT app for my workouts at the moment which has some great recipes in it too. I’m enjoying the whole home workout life for once, I’ve never really been a fan but I think the SWEAT app is really good. It does all your timings for you, shows you a video of the movement – everything. It’s so easy and only takes half an hour.
4. Make life easier for yourself
Recently, I’ve been trying to ask myself what stresses me out. As well as the big things that stress us all out like “how am I ever going to afford somewhere to live when I love avocado toast so much” etc, we have teeny things that just irritate us everyday. For me, I get stressed when I’m in a rush so to combat this and make life easier for myself I’ve started food prepping even more than I have previously because I hate feeling like I’ve got too much to do when I get home from work. This is making my life a little bit easier!
I’ve also separated my wardrobe into work and weekend and that is giving me life just a *little* bit. Ok, read – a lot! I have a lot less ‘work’ clothes but it’s really making it easier to get dressed and feel in the work-y mindset. Because apparently, I can’t concentrate properly in boyfriend jeans. It just doesn’t work for me! So, there we have it – a few things that make me less stressy, more chilled out and generally just a happy bunny. What do you do when you get stressed?
This post is in collaboration with Neom Organics.

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