My 10 essential iPhone apps for blogging

I love a bit of tech and fun apps so I wanted to share some of my can’t live without apps for blogging and Instagramming with you babes. Some are old favourites and are really obvious and some are new faves that I’ve only just discovered.

1. VSCO 

VSCO is my go-to Instagram editing app. I find it the best for taking the warmth out of photos by using the temperature option and also I think their exposure setting is really nice too. I used to use C & G filters on my Instagram – I mix and match these because I cba with an actual theme because they seem to always look rubbish anyway even if I try. And, when I do try, I get stressed! So, I do use VSCO for Instagram cropping and editing and the occasional filter but I’ve got a new filters app to go on about in a little bit…

I would LOVE some Insta-editing tips so please leave your links in the comments if you’ve got anything similar on your blogs.

2. Looker

Looker is basically the poor-man’s Like to Know It. I say that in the nicest way, I promise. It is a simplified version of an affiliate linked outfit app and it’s super cute and it’s SO easy to use. They pay out super quickly and you only have to have £5 in your Rewards account to withdraw any commission you’ve made from people buying products from your pics on Looker. It’s really great. The only drawbacks is that the list of brands is quite limited that you can get commission on but I think it’s a great intro into affiliate apps. If you’re viewing this on mobile check it out here.

3. Olympus OI Share

Simple and necessary for the Olympus Pen ELP 7 or 8 is the Olympus Share app – this is simply where I transfer my photos from my camera to my phone and it’s just one of my favourite features of the camera. I’ve used it a million times more than I thought I was. When I got my camera I was all “WiFi? cool but I’ll never use that”. Exactly like that. But, I really do use it! Especially when you’re chilling on holiday or out for lunch and you’ve been snapping away, you can just quickly zip your photos over to your phone and edit or send them to someone as soon as you need to. I think it’s great so I’d definitely recommend the Olympus Pens with the WiFi feature if anyone’s wondering whether they’ll use it or not.

4. Buffer

A simple tweet scheduling piece of kit that I really like. I only have the limited/free version so I can only schedule 10 tweets at a time but usually, that’s fine! As I only post twice a week now, I have two tweet scheduling sessions a week, one on a Sunday and one on a Wednesday and that suits me fine. It’s really easy and it pulls through images from links and everything!


TRIBE is an influencer/brand connection app that I’ve used a LOT in my professional life. I’ve used it for work loads of times and I love it from an influencer marketing point of view. I think the best thing about it is that the influencer actually has to already own or go out and buy the product that they’re advertising. This means that they really are a brand advocate – awesome! I haven’t actually ever completed a campaign on there as a blogger yet because there’s not been any that I’ve really, really wanted to do. There was a Topshop denim campaign the other day BUT you had to have 3000 Insta followers so that was that. Come follow me if you don’t already! (Please?)

Let me know if you’ve used TRIBE at all, I definitely want to do something via TRIBE at some point, I’m just waiting for my perfect campaign to pop up because I don’t want to be all #ad central on my feed.

6. Instagram (duh)

I mean, without being a blogger I know people that can’t live with Instagram but for bloggers it’s just a constant stream of inspiration so Insta is obviously essential!

7. Twitter (duh)

Sames with Twitter. A lot of people that don’t blog chat about the fact that they don’t use Twitter anymore but I know that it’s still really popular with us lot over in the blogosphere. I think if you’re in an ‘industry’ like designers, bloggers, marketers etc then Twitter is still a regular, daily part of our lives!

8. Pinterest

Just gimme all the inspo. I LOVE Pinterest but I do go through phases with it. I’ll probably use it for about an hour every month and I’ll do a mammoth pinning session. Or, I’ll pop on in the morning if I can’t decide what to wear and I always get all the inspiration. Hello, Anine Bing, my absolute all time style crush. Search her, you’ll thank me if you don’t already know who she is! How do you use Pinterest?

9. A Color Story

I’ve only recently downloaded and started using A Color Story – but it’s super fun. I was using Plann to plan my Insta-feed a little bit and schedule a few posts but you can do the same thing on A Color Story and they have really fun and cute filters that are really pretty! Have you used A Color Story? What are your favourite filters?

10. Reward Style

Ahhhhhh finally! Ok, so, full disclosure. I’ve applied for Like to Know It/Reward Style about a gazillion times and they’ve always just ignored my application because obviously I wasn’t fashion bloggery enough for them but apparently, now I am. So, I’m really pleased that finally I can start using it because it’s a great tool if you’re a style blogger and there are so many more options to link than on Looker.

Let me know your fave apps if there are any that I’ve missed! Snap for the feature image is by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography

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