How to keep date nights fresh

Date nights are something that are super important in any relationship, be it with your besties or with bae. We love a good date night when we remember to actually organise one! We were super happy when Roxy Ball Room in Nottingham asked us if we’d like to pop down and have a date night on them.
I’d seen the Roxy Ball Room in the summer when we headed to Leeds for a night and wondered what it was all about. Then, one popped up in town and we ended up having some of our Christmas party bar crawl there and loving the Beer Pong! So, I knew a little more about them when they got in touch. 

We opted to book Ping Pong over pool because you can’t reserve Beer Pong tables and it was really fun! The prices are pretty good too, it’s £4.50 per half hour when it’s Off Peak and then just £6 per half hour when it’s peak time. I’d say you only need half an hour before you’re Ping-Ponged out because it’s quite hard to keep it going for longer than that. Maybe that’s because I’m rubbish but £6 for half hour is a great price for a little added fun onto a normal dinner out. 
They also have Beer Pong battle stations and all you have to do is grab some beers and jump on the table – it’s that simple. You can play with as little or as many people as you like and if you’ve ever played Beer Pong, you’ll know it’s seriously fun and it get super rowdy
We had a couple of burgers and some beers after we’d Pinged and Ponged which were pretty good. I’m not going to lie to you and say they were the best burgers I’ve ever had but they were tasty and edible. We did have to get them to bring them back as they were brought out cold and the kitchen seemed to have shut down by 9pm which was a bit strange. We were definitely served the same food as what came out originally too. My chips were more burnt and had obviously just been put under a grill to keep warm. Not sure what they did to the burgers to heat ’em up but they were OK when they came back.

As I said, the food is fine and it’s tasty but I probably wouldn’t eat there again for a ‘dinner’ out. I’d grab food with a bunch of friends after work and try a pizza or something but it wouldn’t be a date night dinner destination. Obviously the bar gets rowdy and noisy as people get more into their games which is totally cool but not what you probably want on a date night
Roxy Ball Room is a great destination to kick off a night out or to do something different with workmates. It’s super fun to play Ping Pong, Beer Pong or Pool if that’s your bag so I’d definitely head there again. They always have tonnes of offers on for cocktails and beers. Plus awesome food deals like 20% off or two lunches for £15 if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful belly-filler! As I said, the food was fine and would probably have been even better if I didn’t have to send it back. It wouldn’t put me off eating there ever again but it wouldn’t be my go-to dinner out place to head. We had a fun night and I’d definitely recommend chilling out here with a few beers after work or on a rainy evening! Have you been to the Roxy Ball Room – what did you think?

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