3 ways to improve your sleep

Sleep is a funny thing. I think we forget how important it is and how much we need it until we have a bad night’s sleep. Then, all hell breaks loose and the day ahead can be a struggle. I’m definitely in this camp – I forget how much I need sleep until I have a poor night. I don’t sleep well when I’m stressed or have things on my mind so I always find that focusing on my evening routine can really help me unwind and relax. So, if you’re like me and struggle with the ol’ switch off then these three tips might help!

1. Create a routine

If I’ve had a busy or a stressful day then I make sure that I chill out in the evening as much as I can. No laptops, thinking about work or blogging – just chilling. I love to cook and I find that this normally helps me to unwind a lot – making dishes like curries, pasta or risotto. I like a bit of stirring and chopping! Feeling prepared by having a healthy and tasty dinner and food ready for the next day stops me stressing about having to buy lunch the next day. As well as cooking, I pop some comfies on as soon as I’m home from work, wash my face, apply my favourite night cream (like this Clarins one!) or a facial oil and watch an episode of whatever series we’re bingeing at the time. We’re loving The Affair on Sky Atlantic at the moment – it’s super intense and sad but it’s really gripping. Leave me any series recommendations in the comments!

2. Switch off

After we’ve watched some telly it’s time to head to bed and grab a good book or listen to a podcast. No more Instagram in bed! Just no. Ugh, it’s the hardest thing but it really is so important to not scroll your evening away. I can’t say that I adhere to my own advice *all* the time but I try to as much as I can. I’ve been reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and it’s amazing – really interesting, funny, sad and everything in between. Reading for 20-30 minutes really helps me switch off and makes me sleepier than watching something on the iPad!

3. Help yourself out

Using products to help me sleep is something that I’ve only recently starting doing. Whether it’s a pillow spray, a candle burning whilst I read or listening to Headspace – these things really help. I was sent some gorgeous products from This Works recently, a brand that I’ve really liked for a few years now. They’ve released a Limited Edition Deep Sleep Shower Gel a long with their cult classic Sleep Pillow Spray and they smell absolutely amazing. It’s been clinically proven to help you to fall asleep faster and improve daytime wakefulness – how great is that?

It has a natural blend of essential oils including Vetivert, Lavender and Camomile that calm the mind. According to This Works 97% of people slept better and 98% felt more refreshed in the morning when they used these products! They smell incredible and really help me drift off. I also love the packaging and can’t wait to line them up in my new bathroom once we move.

What are your top tips for falling and staying asleep?

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