5 ways to beat the bad weather blues

For a while, it looked as though spring had finally arrived, following a ridiculously long winter. But, then it went back into hiding, and the grey skies and rain returned. This has left a lot of us feeling a little miserable or even depressed. Many people suffer from seasonal depression as a lack of sunlight and warmth affects their mood and their desire to go outdoors and this extended period of poor weather can start to get to all of us. So, whether you suffer from seasonal affective disorder or you’ve just had enough, it’s important that you find ways to beat the bad weather blues.

Brighten up Your Home

When it’s dark outside it can be a great idea to brighten up your home. Take down your thick winter curtains and buy vertical blinds to let more light in, paint your walls, and have a good spring clean. You could also add some fun paintings, soft furnishings, and accessories to cheer things up as well as opening your windows to let some fresh air in as much as you can.

When it’s grey outside, make your home somewhere that feels like spring and makes you smile as soon as you walk through the door.

Get Away

One of the best ways to beat the bad weather blues is running away from it entirely. We might still be struggling to see much sun, but countries as close as France are well into springtime. If you can, book a week off work and take a proper break. If that’s not possible, try to get at least a weekend in the sun. You’ll feel better, you’ll get more vitamin D, and your skin will have the chance to grow.


Exercise is the best natural way to get a happy buzz. It boosts your confidence and fills your brain with happy chemicals like serotonin. But, sometimes when it’s grey outdoors, it’s the last thing that you want to do. It’s always much easier to eat healthily and exercise when it’s hot, and the sun is shining. For some extra motivation, why not try some classes at your local sports centre? 30 minutes of exercise could make a huge difference to your mood.  

Eat Right

In the summer, we want salads and light meals. It’s much too hot for comforting casseroles and filling pies. But, this can affect your mood. Too much stodgy food can leave you feeling tired and lethargic, as well as a little uncomfortable in your jeans. It might still be cold outside, but to feel more energetic and filled with life and positivity, try to start eating a healthier, more summery diet.



Yes, it’s still colder than we’d like. Yes, it’s still raining an awful lot. But, if you want it to be springtime, do it. You might need to add some extra layers and thicker tights, but what’s to stop you wearing a summer dress with boots and a jumper? What’s to stop you hanging your washing out at first sight of sun or eating ice cream in the park? Don’t let the weather stop you doing what you want to do.

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