3 facial sprays your beauty routine needs

Facial sprays are one of those little luxuries that I just love to have in my skincare and beauty routine. They just start or finish off my base so perfectly and make my skin feel really comfortable and fresh. I have three favourites that are in my routine at the moment and they all have different uses so I wanted to share them with you babes.

1. The refresher

L’Occitane have released their new Aqua Réotier range that is all about the hydration and it is awesome! I’ve also tried the Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel which is an amazing day moisturiser and the Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream.

“Both are instantly refreshing and visibly plumping of fine lines, while the cream (for drier types) is ungreasy and the gel (for combination skins), unsticky.”

I completely agree with this quote from their site about their new range, it’s gorgeous. It really reminds me of the Clarins Hydra-Essential Range that I absolutely loved because it was so fresh and hydrating. In this post I wanted to chat about the equally lush L’Occitane Aqua Réotier Fresh Moisturising Mist. I love these hydrating mists for that mid-afternoon spell of dry skin that comes from cold weather (recently!) and office aircon and heating. I often spritz my face with a moisturising spray when it comes to a makeup top up because it helps things sit better on my skin and generally feels more comfortable and less tight. Its formula combines the powers of Réotier spring water with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and energise the skin. Perfection.

2. The make-up finisher

I have also been loving the NYX Matte Finish Fini Mat which is an absolute bargain at only £7.00. This really helps my foundation last longer from day to day and I’ve been really enjoying using it. I’d definitely repurchase this. I haven’t tried the Urban Decay version which is a little more expensive so if you have, let me know what that’s like too!

3. The base-maker

Another amazing product that’s perfect for making foundation last longer, sit better and not cake is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I like to spritz this on top of my foundation and concealer and blend it in with a sponge or a foundation brush. It gives makeup some more glow and makes it more comfortable on the skin. It’s also amazing as a refresher like the L’Occitane one and also lovely as a final touch because it smells amazing!

What do you think about facial sprays – are you a fan?

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