10 reasons Matalan home is everything

This post is 100% not sponsored. I bloody wish. Matalan, hit me up babes – we’d be a collab made in heaven, not gonna lie. I’m simply just a homeware junkie, Pinterest addict and we’re in the process of buying our first proper home so as you can expect, I am all about shopping for budget-friendly buys to pimp out our new pad. Yas! Here are 10 of my favourite things that Matalan are stocking at the moment. I dare you to not click add to basket.

Plants are literally everywhere at the moment, if you’ve been on Instagram in the past few months then you would have undoubtedly double tapped on a plant laded kitchen, bathroom or living room. Even though I love plants, I’m a serial plant murderer and I can’t seem to keep them alive so this Cheese Plant in Pot is perfect for me and looks incredible. If you’re a plant lover and can keep them alive then this Green Hanging Planter could be right up your street! I would probably pop a fake spider plant in this guy anyway because I can’t resist a bit of greenery around the place.

Cushions are the next must have on my wish list for any room. How cute is this Geometric Woven Cushion? It would make any monochrome room look amazing or would look super cute on some deckchairs outside in the garden! I’m also a sucker for anything fluffy so this Double Sided Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion – it also comes in baby pink which is lush!

Blue is a big trend for homeware at the moment. Brighten up your shelves or dining room table with this cute Blue Bubble Vase or Metal Storage Basket – I think this would make an awesome fruit bowl. Imagine some little satsumas and bananas in this cutie. Finally in my blue hue section is this awesome Macramé Wall Hanging – I’ve seen these everywhere and give off such a cool boho vibe.

Back to plant life and this Stripe Planter is just gorgeous. I love the speckled effect and the pastel colours. I’ve always wanted a basket of blankets in my living room and this Open Weave Basket is perfect for this and it’s only £25! This kind of thing would be at least double the price in somewhere like John Lewis, wouldn’t it?

Last but not least – the bathroom. I can’t wait to have a bathroom that’s slightly bigger than a postage stamp so jazzing it up is going to be my number 1 decorating priority – just after storage for all my beauty goodies. This Pom Pom Bath Mat is the cutest thing ever and I think I might go with bright pink towels to complement it too, what do you think?

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