5 current summer babes I can’t live without

This post was going to be my May favourites but I didn’t quite get around to sorting my life out so it’s a general summer-themed jumble of some products that I’ve been loving recently and wanted to share! There’s everything from tan to library books so I hope you enjoy!

1. The blonde booster

I missed my highlights top up hair appointment and had to book it for another month later which was a very sad affair but I invested (lol, it’s not an investment because it’s so super cheap) in the Provoke purple shampoo again and I was surprised how well it brought up my blonde again. This is such a bargain shampoo and it works so, so well and I’m recommend it to anyone with blonde in their hair that likes to keep it cool toned and not brassy.

2. The everlasting eyeliner

The lovely babes over at 3INA sent me over some of their new eyeliner launches and I am a total convert to their Matte Pen Eyeliner. It’s super black, so long lasting and has a super skinny nib which makes flicks really easy to achieve. I’ve been a lover of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner because obv cruelty free and also lasts forever and this 3INA version is about a third cheaper so I’d definitely purchase this in a hurry if I was feelin’ thrifty and not splurgy.

3. The outfit maker

H&M have so many great pairs of earrings in at the moment and these sassy, gigantic gold hoops were just calling to me. They’re v J.Lo and I am all about that life so these came home with me last week.

4. The sun-kissed glow

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me raving about the Superdrug Solait 10 Minute Tan on my stories and this post but I honestly can’t get enough of it. It’s such a bargain product and works really well. I leave it on for at least an hour (OK, an hour and a half, whatever) to achieve my desired level of tan as I like it to be quite dark but it lasts at least 5 days and you can get 4-5 total body applications from one tube that costs £4.99. Seriously, just try it! I’m not going to lie, you get the fake tan smell the day after but I can deal with it so I’m not too fussed for under a fiver.

5. The escape from reality

Library books are my new found love. I totally never thought about going to the library before one of my colleagues suggested it and now I’m obsessed. I love reading but I don’t like to buy and collect books (sorry Mum, not really your daughter after all maybe?) because they clutter up space and I’m probably not going to read it again. I thought the library would be full of super old books but it always has recent releases and tonnes of books that I’ve enjoyed reading.

My recent read is Saving Grace by Jane Green. I thought this was going to be a bit wishy washy girly and basic ‘wife employs assistant for famous husband and she’s a bitch and tries to steal her life’. I mean, this could still happen but so far I love how it’s really in depth about the main character’s feelings, her past, mental health issues, anxiety, her husbands anger struggles and how she copes with them. It’s a lot deeper than I thought and whilst it’s obviously not War and Peace it’s really got me hooked and the writing is fab. Obviously, everyone has different reading tastes and I love a bit of chick-lit but I feel that it’s half way between that and the seriousness of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (which was amazing!). Are you a book fan? Leave me some recommendations in the comments!

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