What I spend in a week #4

I’m still obsessed with Refinery 29 money diaries and I totally want to be on one. Life goals right there.

I asked on my Instagram stories whether people would rather read what I spend in a week or what I eat in a week and it was a huge percentage towards spend so basically you are all as nosy as I am and I’m totally OK with that. I thought I’d kick this off in June and start from a Saturday where I’m more likely to actually spend something! Grab a cuppa and have a lil’ read.

Saturday 2nd June

Rain wakes me up before my alarm because it is chucking it down! Coffee, face mask and yoga before ASDA man arrives with the shopping. £43.24 of shopping packs out the fridge and the freezer but this is from our shared budget and isn’t disposable income so nothing in the spending pot yet. Off to see some of the babes I used to work with today for a little lunch and chill out afternoon but wander into the town before I catch the bus and grab a Costa. £3.25 on a Watermelon Cooler because she mishears that I wanted the one that was £2.95. FFS.

Single bus fare £2 and then £6.60 on the train but I bought this in advance last weekend so totally not counting it *insert smirking emoji*. Pick up some cute white roses (£3.50) for our beautiful host as I know she’ll love them. Was going to pop to Marks and Spencer and get a little plant from there but decide to be all conscious and buy from an independent market stall trader instead and feel super smug. £2.20 on drinks for myself and my friend on the train home and then another £2 on the bus home leaves me at my total for the day.

Total: £12.95

Sunday 3rd June

Nothing planned today so we pop in on my Grandad for a little morning coffee and take some pastries on the way £2.40 in the almighty Lidl for 12 of the cutest mini pain au chocolats you’ll ever see. This goes on our shared Acasa app where we track our spending if we spend stuff on eachother so only £1.20 is my share. We put £30 petrol in the car from Sainsbury’s too but this is again from an already accounted for pot so basically doesn’t count. I love budgeting because it doesn’t feel like you’re spending money all the time.

Have a sandwich at home when we get back before wandering into the little town where we live to check out a vintage/craft fair. £1 to get in and have a wander round, then another £1 on a cupcake from the sweetest little girl called Zoe who was collecting for her university fund (as it said on her little light box and money box). She was about 9 and probably the cutest thing ever and makes a mean cupcake. Babe. Another £1 on a handmade card for my auntie’s birthday and we’re off to the pub. It’s so hot so just have a gigantic and luminous lime and soda that’s only £1.20. Bargains all round today.

Total: £5.40

Monday 4th June

Feel like I need a wardrobe update on the cheap. Pop into Primark on my lunch break and spy some super cute yellow sandals for £8 so they have to come home with me.

Total: £8

Tuesday 5th June

£3.80 pint. That is all.

Total: £3.80

Wednesday 6th June

I’m off to a focus group tonight where they give you free cake and a £15 high street voucher for chatting shit so I am all about that life with my fellow 50 year olds. Everyone was a babe, it was hilarious and I had a wicked time. I’ve not done a focus group since I was at uni and let’s be honest, we didn’t say much in those, so this was a bit out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed myself. Having a good moan and also suggesting some good improvements – all in an evenings work! Pretty cute. 10/10, would recommend.

Total: £0

Thursday 7th June

Off to spend my lil earnings from last night’s focus group and head to Topshop. Pick up a cute pink and red stripe tee and this white denim skirt that I’ve been loving on Instagram recently. Get student discount and use my £15 shopping centre voucher so a my £12 tee and £29 skirt end up at £21.90 for them both. Winning.

Pick up some crisps on my way back to the office but have a freebie reward on the Greggs app, yas. Get home, not sure what we want for tea, decide on a cheeky McDonalds because we’ve not had one in forever. £6.89.

Total: £28.79

Friday 8th June

This afternoon/evening is our work away day and we’re off to do woodland laser tag so wasn’t planning to spend any money until the hour bus journey turns to me checking the Rock City gig guide and see Pale Waves have released tickets for October, so that happens. £30.80 but my half is £15.40.

Total: £15.40

Total: £74.34

Travel: £4
Gifts: £4.50
Eating/drinking out: £19.54
Entertainment: £16.40
Clothes: £29.90

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  1. I’m so nosy, so this is the perfect post for me! I love the idea and am definitely considering writing one of my own… although I’m afraid mine will be 75% food and 25% parking fees (so not very exciting!) XX

  2. Great post Allie, I am also totally addicted to Money Diaries so love finding new ones to binge on! I post my own weekly on my blog, and for those of you commenting above, even if you think it will be boring for others to read, you might be surprised 🙂 (Also, totally send me some links if/when you guys do post!)
    It’s also a great way of being more conscious about my spending, I feel like I am kind of being held accountable for every penny. Also because I blog anonymously, I can be brutally honest if I do splurge and no one will ever know mwahahaha!

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