5 clever flooring tricks to make rooms feel bigger

When it comes to home décor, flooring matters, it takes up a significant percentage of the surface area of any room, obviously! Everyone always notices the floor, even if they’re not aware of the fact that they do.

The floor you choose really sets the tone. It can also have a huge impact on how spacious a room feels. If you are decorating and want to make it feel larger, here are a few tricks!

1. Use the same flooring throughout

Maintaining a consistent flooring look throughout each level of your home seems counter-intuitive. But, it is a really good way to make your rooms feel bigger. Doing this blurs the lines between each room, which has the effect of making the area seem continuous and therefore larger! We’re planning to do this in our living and dining rooms.

If you do need to lay different flooring types in various rooms, you have to be careful about how you join the two materials together. For example you may need to lay something different in your kitchen than your hall or dining room.

In that situation, be especially careful to choose the right style of cover strip. You want something that looks good with both types of flooring and helps to blend the two surfaces together. You can easily find what you need for that particular job here.

2. Go to the dark side

When decorating a small room the instinct can be to use light colours. This can work for the walls, but, when it comes to flooring darker tones are better. For example, go for light grey instead or white or walnut laminate flooring instead of pine.

3. Use patterned or textured flooring

If you opt for a plain carpet or tiles, when someone enters the room their eye will automatically take in the entirety of the space. This enables their brain to instantly perceive the true dimensions of your tiny room.

But, if you opt for patterned or textured flooring this does not happen. The mind is distracted ever so slightly by having to process the pattern and understand what it is. This sounds a bit weird, but it has been proven to work.

Parquet flooring is a particularly good option for a small room. The pattern is complex and it is a very classy finish.

4. Choose a high-end finish

In fact, you should always decorate all rooms to a very high standard! Duh. It helps to create the impression that the room is special, which helps to distract the mind from the fact that it is so small.

5. Lay wooden flooring horizontally for a small room

When you lay a wooden floor in a small room the boards need to run horizontally rather than vertically. If you lay them vertically when someone enters the room their eye will follow the lines from the entrance to the back of the space. When that happens they will instantly realise that the room is a small one. If you lay them so the flooring lines run across the entry point, horizontally or lengthways, this does not happen. Clever, right?

Regardless, of the size of the room you should always think about which way the floorboards should run before actually laying them. The size of the room is only one of several considerations.

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