6 podcasts to make you think, laugh and learn

Podcasts are something that I’m either super into at one time or I don’t listen to for ages! It usually depends on what’s happening to whether I’m on a listening spree or not. If I’m travelling a lot, on trains or in the car or even when I’m on holiday just relaxing, I listen much more and I remember how much I love them. I’ve discovered a few new favourites and a series that I love has just come back so I wanted to share!

1. Ian Stirling – Not Ready to Adult Yet

This is the one that’ll make you laugh but also think a little bit. Ian Stirling is the voiceover guy from Love Island but he’s also a super funny comedian in his own right. He writes all of the voiceovers for Love Island and I think he’s hilarious on that. This podcast is to support his book of the same name and he just chats to his friends, fellow comedians, ex Love Island contestant including Olivia Buckland (who came across SO well, I thought) and even his mum. They’re great listens that are about an hour long so pop them on if you’ve got a long journey and you’ll be there in no time.

2. Anna Newton & Lily Pebbles – At Home With… 

I absolutely loved the first series of this podcast where two of my favourite bloggers visited some amazing people in beauty, fashion, the blogging world, everything! And, now they’ve brought it back for a second series and it’s just so interesting to hear people’s business journeys, opinions on career choices, family life, favourite nail colours – so many things. They cover everything that’s serious and thoughtful to trivial and just as important.

A couple of my favourites from last season were Georgie Cleeve, the founder of OSKIA skincare, it was incredible to hear how the brand came about and why she believes it’s so fab, I also loved Alexia Inge, founder of Cult Beauty and legendary Lisa Eldridge. In this series they’re chatting to Thea Green, the creator of Nails Inc – she is so inspiring and also Erica Davies, the incredible interiors and style blogger. These ladies are just amazing and I love to hear them chat about everything from how they got to where they are in their careers to why they chose that colour of paint for their walls.

3. Badass Women’s Hour

The Badass Women’s Hour is a radio show but also a podcast and they talk about so much. I’ve got a tonne of these to get through but from the few that I’ve listened to I love how they cover things that you would never know about or never find out about yourself. From vaginal cancer (there are how many types?!) to visiting to doctor and going plastic free, micro-cheating and estate agency fees  – they cover so much on this that I find it really educating and eye opening. This is the one I listen to if I feel like I need to be a grown up that day.

4. Grazia Life Advice

I love advice and hearing what other people would do in certain situations and what they have done. Basically, life experience is really interesting to me and this podcast covers a load of different people and their best pieces of life advice they’ve ever been given. My favourites are Alice Liveing and Gemma Cairney as they’re both such lovely women and have some really great advice. Give it a listen if you feel like you need a little fire to give you some support!

5. Jo Elvin & James Williams – Is It Just Me?

This baby used to be Glamour Hey It’s OK podcast and I loved it then and I still love it now. They address questions like, is it OK to cut friends out of your life, to not want to go out, to feel like a failure, to say what you think, should you socialise with colleagues… Everything! It’s also amazingly funny and they have some fabulous guests like Melissa Hemsley, Tanya Burr, Frankie Bridge and Trinny Woodall. Listen if you need a push to do something you might have wanted to do for ages. This podcasts really makes you feel like it’s not just you!

6. Dawn O’Porter – Get It On

Finally, some fashion. I love hearing about why people wear what they wear, their favourite style moments and things they regret wearing because it’s so funny and we all chat about this in real life! The life of this podcast actually spanned 2016 – 2017 but I love to listen back to them because they’re still relevant and I’m pretty sure most of the amazing men and women on there will still really mean what they say as they’re talking about their style and fashion choices throughout their lives. I love the episodes with Lliana Bird and Jo Whiley!

Let me know your fave podcasts in the comments and if you’ve listened to any of these, I’m always on the lookout for new listens.

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    1. Me too, it’s so good isn’t it? Yeah, it’s a weird one, there isn’t really a theme but the one with his mum is just super cute to listen to! x

  1. I love this post! I actually haven’t heard of any of these so I’m definitely going to have to give them a listen. I love listening to Conscious Chatter, Small Town Murder, and Becoming Fearless.

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