5 summer essentials in my beauty cupboard

Since actually getting myself a beauty cupboard in my new bathroom as opposed to just a crammed drawer of everything I have ever owned I’m feeling a bit more organised and wanted to share a few faves and a few newbies that have sneaked in.

First up my love for Magnitone continues but I also kind of hate mine right now. I bought some Soft & Gentle replacement heads and changed it up, probably should have done it months ago because now my face has exploded because it’s getting a deep clean. Ugh. I hate that I’ve broken out but I know that it’s because there was a load of crap there that needed to come out but break outs still suck. I feel like none of my products are working to really combat it either so I’m just hoping it’s a storm that will pass! I’ve spoken about this before in my ‘Why breakouts can be a good thing‘ post.

Hubble contact lenses are a new little gem that are perfect for travelling, city breaks, nights away or holidays. I usually wear monthly lenses but they can be a pain when it comes to getting around because you have to take your lil pot and your solution with you and everything! Unnecessary drama, am I right? If you’re a contact wearer then you’ll get it! I also prefer dailies to monthlies as they’re more hygienic in the long run but they’re usually more expensive for the convenience. These Hubble lenses were only £3 for the postage from the Instagram ads that have been plaguing me recently but they’re super easy to use and useful.

A newbie that’s just popped into my collection that I’m loving from the get go is the Clarins Pore Control Pore minimising serum. I’d use this daily as a serum/treatment before my moisturiser and I’ve been using it for about a week now and it leaves my skin so velvety when it’s been applied and it has a teeny radiance to it too so it adds a little glow as well as working on those pores. I can’t say my pores have 100% disappeared as of yet but I love how it makes my skin feels to start with! This is a pricey guy though at £45 so I’m going to use it regularly to see if it’s worth the price tag and report back. It’s brand new from Clarins this month and I’m always a big fan of their skincare so I wanted to give it a go.

An oldie but a goodie that I love having back in my collection is the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet. This sorted my skin out a few years ago when I had been using a toner that was way to harsh for my skin and the texture had gone all funny and horrible. This quickly rehydrated my skin and got things back to normal so it’s a product that I really trust. It also has a lovely texture to the actual product and it’s really refreshing to use. It’s lightweight, goes on as a cream and then turns into a gel when it sinks into the skin. It’s pretty great in my opinion.

Finally, a new babe that I’m quite excited about is the Yes to Coconut & Energizing Coffee 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick. As you guys might already know, I currently work on the social media account for Yes to in the UK so I get the amazing perk of getting to try some of the new innovation products sooner rather than later. This is formulated for dry skin, something that I don’t have but I’d definitely use this in the summer or on holiday (as it’s solid and doesn’t count as a liquid – yas!) when my skin is feeling drier than usual. When my skin’s normal I’d use this a few times a week to up the hydration and wake up my skin in the morning because it has coffee in it too. All Yes to products are at least 95% natural, paraben free and cruelty free too. I think they’re pretty great and this babe is under a tenner.

Let me know what you think to these products, if you have any similar recommendations or if you’ve tried any of them before!

This post includes affiliate links and gifted items.

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