Stammering Awareness Day

Today (22nd October) is Stammering Awareness Day and I wrote an article for the UNiDAYS blog because they have a much bigger readership than me and it’s a topic that needs to hit numbers, not be my personal ‘diary’ entry. I wrote about things to do to support stammerers and then a few tips for people that stammer themselves.


Please, please, please give the article a read if you’ve never spoken to me in real life about it, or anyone at all with a stammer or a stutter. People need to realise that it’s a thing and just because it’s essentially an invisible disability, it needs to be recognised.

If we’re just Insta-buds then you probably would have no idea that I might not even be able to introduce myself to you in real life or even order what I’d like in my sandwich on a really bad day. You can’t see that from smiley coffee snaps and outfit photos, can ya? My stammer is nowhere near as bad as it has previously been in my life but I’m in a little bit of a tricky time as I’ve just moved jobs and any sort of life change will always bring on a change in my speech.

I feel like I’m at a 6/10 in terms of fluency when I’ve been as good as an 8 or a 9/10 previously when I was super comfortable in my previous job and didn’t have any other large personal stressors. It will always go up and down and in peaks and troughs and it affects me everyday but I don’t feel like it controls my life as much as it previously has done. This comes with age and confidence and generally just getting on with it because I won’t let it hold me back in the long run. Sometimes, I’ll admit, it does stop me on occasion getting something I really wanted or making a phone call I need to make but this is probably a handful of times whereas when I was younger, it was almost every day that I would essentially fall victim to my stammer.

Not really sure where I’m getting to with this, definitely not asking for sympathy or anything I just want to make people more aware of the fact that stammering is a thing and can be as difficult as any other disability that varies in severity. But as I said, please give the article a read and please don’t hesitate to get in touch on Instagram or Twitter if you have any questions or if you have a stammer and didn’t realise I also had one and just want to chat! Again, the link is here.

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