Red Dog Saloon Whole Hog Sundays

After all the Christmas treats, stuffing balls and mince pies we fancied a bit of different grub for a Sunday and recently headed to check out Red Dog Saloon‘s new Whole Hog Sunday offering. This has only been around since the 9th December so it’s a pretty new menu and we were invited to see what we thought.

As an alternative to a traditional roast dinner, the whole hog barbecue is fired-up on a pit within Red Dog’s terraces all day, every Sunday – featuring chopped pork, sausages and ribs, teamed with a selection of classic sides from potato salad and coleslaw, to macaroni cheese and creamed corn. We didn’t opt for any sides and we definitely didn’t feel like we’d missed out or needed anymore food as the Hickory-smoked ribs, chopped pork and sausages were more than enough with the coleslaw, bun and pickles on the side. I’m not gonna lie though, I missed chips. I don’t know if I can eat BBQ food without fries, they’re just my one true love.

The award-winning chopped pork was so delicious and I stuffed my brioche bun with this and a little rib meat with the coleslaw, some mayo and pickles topped off with my favourite of their sauces, the Kansas BBQ. They also have Carolina sauce – a traditional blend of apple cider vinegar, hot sauce, spices and ketchup which is delicious and an awesome mustard-based Texas BBQ sauce. I have to say that the chopped pork was my favourite meat here, I’m not the biggest rib fan as I find them a bit fiddly but the taste of the free-range pork really was awesome. It’s ‘minimally seasoned to let the meat do the talking, the whole hog is cooked to perfection over hickory wood for over 16 hours – revealing a succulent, coral interior within a crispy, earthy brown top’. The meat was definitely delicious and I would recommend if you fancy something a little different for a Sunday and you’re a barbecue fan.

There are three Red Dog Saloon restaurants in London – Soho, Clapham North and Hoxton Square, one in Liverpool, Southampton and of course, Nottingham. We visited these guys when they first opened about 18 months ago and had an awesome meal from their main menu so it was nice to try something else from them. Check out my post from our first visit here. Serious about good eats and good drinks, Red Dog Saloon highlights Austin’s regional eccentricities and deep-rooted Southern inspirations – with a mission is to bring the world’s ‘barbecue capital to the UK’.

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