6 Ways To Take Care Of Your Looks

As you know, I love beauty products. The ones that are on my favourites list are the ones that work that little bit harder to take care of me at the same time. We all know that eating natural foods, exercising lots and getting plenty of sleep help to keep us looking healthy. But there are a few clever beauty products and techniques that can help make us look great too! Here are just a few of my favourites:


Beauty is only skin deep right? Wrong! The skin cells covering our body are many layers deep. Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamins for the skin. You can find it in sunflower seeds and almonds or you can apply it directly to the skin when it’s included in our favourite moisturisers.

Start by using a gentle facial scrub to remove the dry and dead skin cells from the surface. A purifying wash will make sure all the grime from the pores is rinsed away. After you’ve dried your skin, use a gentle cleanser, toner if you need it and moisturiser every day. It gets rid of all the leftover makeup and removes grime from the environment too.


Let’s face it, we’ve all had bad hair days. Straightening irons are one of the best ways to tame even the unruliest of locks. The best hair straighteners actively protect the hair over time too. 

Moisturising shampoos can sometimes cause residue on the scalp. This gets itchy after a while, and can drive you insane! Use gentle shampoos that take care of your scalp. Then use a high-quality conditioner and hair masque to nourish the hair itself. Be careful to keep the heat of the dryer away from sensitive scalp too.


Keeping trim can be easier than you think. Just a few light weights and reps each day can keep muscles looking good. It also helps to boost your circulation that can improve the appearance of your skin too. Buff away dry skin cells, especially during winter when fabrics rub on the skin. Stretch to help you feel supple and energised.

Hair removal is one of those tasks we all hate. You have lots of choices here, though. You can wax or epilate if you don’t mind short bursts of pain. Shaving can cause a rash on the skin, so make sure you keep it in good condition. Looking after your looks is easy when you pick the right tools, techniques and products. Try not to use products that are too harsh for you. 


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