Top 6 December Fashion & Beauty Favourites

It’s not often that I write favourites posts but every few months I find a few things that I find myself really liking and it’s always good to mix up the content on here! Here are 6 (mostly skincare and beauty but with a fashion fave) products that have been giving me life in December!

1. Time For Tea?

When these samples of the Origins RitualiTea Face Masks popped through my letter box I was a bit slow to give them a try because you have to mix them yourself and essentially, I’m incredibly lazy. BUT, when I actually felt like putting some effort in and mixing one of them in a bowl with two teaspoons of water, (yep, that’s all you have to do!) it was amazingly easy and the mask was awesome! I tried out the Oolong-La Powder Mask With Oolong Black Tea & Chai Spices mask which is formulated for oilier skin types as I was feeling a bit oilier than usual and I’d recently broken out. I loved it, it was easy to mix and apply and then my skin felt so clean afterward. I even had a few whiteheads pop up the next morning which I see as a good sign, it’s drawing the rubbish out! They also have the Feeling Rosy Powder Mask With Rooibos Tea & Rose for drier skin types and the Matcha Madness Powder Face Mask With Matcha & Green Tea which is great for all skin types – would massively recommend if you’re after a new mask in your skincare regime.


2. Brushing Up My Skills

Another skincare fave that’s only recently made an appearance in my routine is the Magnitone Precious Rose Quartz  Facial Cleansing Brush. I had the Foreo Luna for about a year and loved that until it stopped working, I was left a little bit in the lurch and didn’t know where to turn next with my cleansing technology until the skincare fairies at Boots UK came along with this badboy! The Vibra-Sonic™ Facial Cleansing Brush gets rid of excess oil, dead skin cells, makeup and impurities from pores, whilst toning and improving the absorption of our favourite skincare products. It has two modes, Daily Cleanse and PulseLift Toning Mode and is 100% waterproof! It also has handy 20 second beeps when you need to move onto a new zone to cleanse which is super useful. Basically, I’m loving this so far and there’ll be a bigger review up in a few weeks when I’ve had a seriously good go and really got used to it.


3. Cupid’s Chokehold

A fashion must-have for me this month has been a choker. I ventured into the choker trend with a simple velvet one from Topshop and I’ve since upgraded and gone a little more out-there with this amazing Rock n Rose Doris Pearl & Brocade Choker. How stunning? It doesn’t go with everything like the simple black one does but it really jazzes up white and cream tops and I think it’ll look super cute in the spring time.


4. Luxury Oils

I’ve been a fan of the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Usage Dry Oil but this insanely cute mini bottle appeared in my ASOS advent calendar and I forgot how amazing it was on the skin. It sinks in so quickly and is so moisturising so it’s amazing for the winter months. I’ll definitely be picking up a full size once I need a new body moisturiser again. 


5. Stay Fresh!

Not the usual body care products that I chat about on here but let’s be honest, we all need some kind of product from Bodyform at some time in the month and these Bodyform Daily Fresh Liners are super soft and easy to travel with, so perfect for your makeup bag. They’re not restricting at all and you just forget you’re wearing them!

6. Tame Those Brows

I think I might have featured the Browcote Clear Brow Gel in my 5 Autumnal New In Beauty Loves and I’m still loving it. This is a new tube and I can’t wait to crack it open. It literally makes your eyebrows last all day! Essential.


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