How To Eat Chocolate Every Day (& Still Fit In Your Clothes)

Treats, sweets and chocolate don’t have to be seasonal. You can definitely have them all year round (I mean every day) if you want them! Obviously, some people will just say “duh” and eat it anyway. This post probably isn’t for you. This post is for people that think that chocolate and cakes are ‘fattening’, bad for you and generally a once in a blue moon thing. Totally not the case. They’re obviously full of sugar and aren’t packed with vitamins but if they keep you sane in small quantities then they’re totally fine and I think, essential.

I’m talking about flexible dieting. Yep, eating ‘normal’ food like brownies, chocolate bars and cheeky desserts, and not putting on weight. You can even lose weight. Chocolate is just food, the same as broccoli. Obviously, you have to make allowances for these things and fit them into your daily or weekly calories but it’s totally doable. They just have more calories than fruit and veg. I have biscuits, chocolate, creme egg, peanut butter, these amazing Pud In A Mug desserts and sweets every week. Not all at the same time and not in massive quantities but a little taste of something this tasty in the evening after my tea keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Just remember that all food is essentially just calories and ‘diet’ is all about balance!

I eat clean, healthy and home-cooked for 75-85% of my meals and then I fit in a packet of crisps with my lunch and some chocolate or a couple of biscuits in the evening. Because who doesn’t love a biscuit? Even if I fancy a brownie, a slice of cake or a mug cake I’ll make sure my calories for the week let me! I’ll have the odd day (or weekend) off when I don’t track my food at all too because sometimes you just need time off from it!

These Sticky Toffee Pud In A Mug cakes are my latest love. Because who doesn’t want a gooey, sticky, sweet sticky toffee pudding in literally not even a minute? They’re so easy and you can top them with whatever you like. I love adding strawberries and blueberries on top of mine or even raisins or sultanas to give it the proper sticky toffee feel. Have you tried these tasty treats? They’re available in most supermarkets, I’ve seen them in Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

This post is kindly sponsored by Dr Oetker.

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