5 things making me happy in June

 June has been a pretty stressful month so far with trying to buy a house and everything that comes with it so it’s been all about finding the little things to make me happy! Ya know, those little things that aren’t really important in the grand scheme of life and the world but those little things that make you feel good.
1. Beauty deliveries
Products arriving on my doorstep almost always make me happy because who doesn’t love the treat of a new lipstick or mascara? This month I was sent the Cohorted Beauty Box and it was packed with gorgeous products from Doucce (prounounced Doh-Seh), a brand that I hadn’t heard of before but I’m super impressed from first impressions of the products. They’re a New York brand with a French name that means soft and elegant. It’s all about having Parisian elegance with a New York attitude which is pretty cool. In the beautiful box was their Freematic Combo Pro Palette with 4 eyeshadows, two blush and a highlighter which is gorgeous. And, this palette is weighty, let me tell you! Plus, it came with cute little covers for all of the shades in it to keep the mirror clean which is smart. There was also a matte lipstick, a liquid eyeliner pen, mascara, lip liner and eyebrow pencil. I’ve shared all of the products on my Instagram stories and saved it as a Highlight if you fancy checking out what else was in the box. I’ll also be posting the makeup look I create with these products on Insta too so stay tuned there!
Aaaand, If you use the code #COHORTEDGIFTME first time subscribers receive a free Huda Beauty lip strobe in shade angelic RRP £17.00 with their first box! Pretty sweet. These boxes are the most luxurious beauty boxes I’ve seen. Birchbox and Glossybox are cute but this one is seriously grown up, minimalist packaging, no gimmicks – just great products.
2. Reading a magazine
Just a little luxury that I’ve been trying to use as relaxation instead of scrolling through Insta, because, let’s face it, that’s not really that relaxing a lot of the time. Women’s Health is always interesting to me and I love their recipes, I’ve already made the sweet potato falafels from this issue and they were delicious! What do you do when you don’t want to go on your phone? I love to read whatever book I’ve got out of the library at the moment, a magazine or try and concentrate on a series on Amazon Prime.
3. Glowing skin
Following on from beauty deliveries is a new brand that I’ve recently tried. Erborian is a brand that I’ve spotted in magazines and online over the years but I’ve never tried so I’d love to get to know these guys better after trialling their Bamboo Glow Dewy Effect Cream. This is a 2 in 1 moisturiser and primer and it gives awesome glow. I’ve also used it as just a highlighter over makeup to give a little extra life to my face when I’ve been travelling on trains for work and generally bobbing about the country! I love the feel of this on the skin because it sinks straight in and doesn’t feel heavy or too glittery or shiny. I also love that it’s a moisturiser and a primer in one because it saves me taking two products when I travel.
4. Nice pants
Let’s be honest, when you’ve got matching bra and pants on you feel like you’ve got your shit together and I’ve been putting off getting some new underwear for a while. Because, I want nice pants but it’s just not something I like to splurge that much on. I’m usually a M&S basics gal and that suits my minimalist mind just fine. When Beija London got in touch I thought their products looks so gorgeous. Still minimalist and simple without being fussy and lacy and blah like a lot of ‘nice’ underwear. And, I love their system of having three types of bra (the X is unpadded, the Y is a little bit padded and wired for B-D cups and the Z is a fully supportive bra for DD+) and then different styles.
I went for the Y Bra in the For Keeps Style and the For Keeps brief. The Y bra has a half pad is wired and has a teeny 3mm of foam in the bottom cup. I love the silver hardware and the fact that it also has a J hook that adapts the straps to make a racer back – so handy! These are perfect for me as they’re fancy, well made and luxurious but I don’t feel like I’ve walked out of Ann Summers – that’s just not my style. Whatcha, waiting for? Treat yourself!
5. My cute new bag 
I’ve been after a straw or basket bag for ages after obviously seeing them take over Insta-style recently. They just give any outfit a little summery update and I love that. I like the tiny circular basket ones and the handheld ones but they’re just not practical for me. I’ve learnt over the years not to just buy something because I think it’s cute on Instagram. I now think about whether I’m actually going to use it in my daily life and I settled on the Miss Selfridge Natural Circle Tote Bag because it’s got those summery vibes but it’s a great size and I can use it everyday for work and not just have to save it for the weekends! I have already spilled strawberry and blueberry juice on it though so I wouldn’t recommend carrying your berries in it unless they’re in a clip lock tub. Oops.

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

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