My top 5 festive picks from Bella Italia

We’ve all seen Jamie’s Italian Christmas from 2000-whatever and thought that adding Italian flavours to Christmas delights was an amazing idea. Yuhuh, we did. And, you might have seen my Very Important Bella announcement last month all about the delicious work I’ll be getting up to with Bella Italia so it’s about time for another instalment. Say hello to Christmas at Bella and I have five amazing dishes to tell you about. They have a pretty extensive Christmas menu where you can have 2 courses for £17.99 or a tasty 3 courses for £19.99 but here are my favourite dishes on their festive menu.

1. Festive Mozzarella Carrozza
Mini cheese bites in a golden herby breadcrumb, served with diced tomato, rocket & cranberry sauce. They have these bad boys on the normal menu where I’ve had them before and now they’ve added a super festive cranberry sauce. Which, I can’t help say as ‘Chan-berry’ in my head every time, thank to friends.

I always find the tomato so fresh at Bella Italia and it’s so delicious, a lovely way to kick off a heavier meal. These little cheesey bites are literally fancy mozzarella sticks and they are awesome.

2. Lasagne Festiva
Freshly made in-house daily, with layers of fresh egg pasta, pancetta, roasted chicken, pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce, red onions, béchamel sauce & sage. Lasagne is one of my favourite Italian dishes and this Christmas version is everything you’d want it to be and more.

3. Pizza Festiva
Pizza with roast chicken, pigs in blankets, red onion, pancetta, sage & cranberry sauce on a tomato base with mozzarella. All kinds of yes, right?

4. Chocolate Orange Brownie
A warm chocolate brownie, topped with a rich chocolate ganache & served with vanilla gelato. I am obsessed with the Bella gelato and I have it almost every time I go there, especially their vanilla and cherry flavours but the smooth gelato on amazing (Terry’s inspired!) chocolate orange brownie is something else…

5. Panettone Bread & Butter Pudding

Served with vanilla gelato & caramel sauce, this has to be the ultimate Italian dessert. Panettone is so fruity and delicious and bread & butter pudding is a British staple so this is a match made in dessert heaven. You check out the Bella Italia Christmas menu here and I hope this inspires you to take a trip and find some amazing Italian treats!

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