3 ways to treat yourself in the New Year

I can’t believe we’re all writing new year posts again but that time really is here! Time to reflect on the quickest year ever. Well, apart from January 2018 which was about 4 months long on it’s own! Here are three things that you could do in January 2019 to hopefully make it not feel as long and to refresh yourself for the 12 months ahead.

1. Set yourself some goals

Goals should always be short, medium and long term and they need to be GCSE Business’s Studies SMART. Yep, specific, measurable, something beginning with A that I can’t remember, realistic and time bound.

New Year’s resolutions are all well and good but they’re always so vague that they’re impossible to complete and you never feel accomplished. “Lose weight” is so vague, “eat healthy” is also super vague, subjective and limiting because you’re not saying that you can ever have a treat with that as a resolution. Finally “save money” is my favourite joke of a NYR because it has no boundaries either.

Try setting some smaller and more specific resolutions and aims such as “Take homemade  lunch to work 3-4x a week.” With it being homemade it will usually be healthier than your average shop bought meal deal and you’ll be saving money by not buying it every day.

And, by saying 3-4x a week you’re not limiting yourself to a Friday treat or setting a serious goal that you’ll feel guilty for breaking. Soon, the goals will turn into your lifestyle and you won’t have to make those resolutions again.

2. Have a total day of relaxation

2018 was the year of self-care and it became totally OK to treat yourself, take some time out and look after your mental health and your physical health. Act like a Real Housewife and go for a spa day in Cheshire if you’ve been thinking about it for a little while. A spa day really is super relaxing because you leave your phone in the locker when you get there and just indulge yourself in a gorgeous lunch, a relaxing treatment and some time by the pool and in the spa facilities. Heaven, if you ask me!  And, if not a full on spa day, treat yourself to getting your nails sorted or get those highlights done if it’s been on your to do list!

3. Declutter and tidy

I know ‘tidying up’ doesn’t sound like the biggest treat in the world. But, having a totally fresh start in a new year can be really calming and set you up for success. If you try and tackle the new year with the same messy surroundings you might not succeed as quickly as you might want to.

A tidy desk is always the best way for me to be productive and I find it easier to make decisions if my surroundings are organised. This is just my personal feelings, you might revel in chaos and be incredibly creative but it really holds me back.

Take a day from your break between Christmas and New Year and sort out your wardrobe, make space for your lovely new presents and tidy the junk drawer you’ve been putting off for months!

What do you think? Will you be treating yourself before the New Year to set yourself up for success? I will definitley be tidying and sorting some hidden drawers and I’ve already banked myself a spa day for mid February.

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