Getting Crafty with KraftyMonkey

This weekend was my baby twin sisters’ birthday. But, they’re not so baby anymore! They’re 9 and I can’t believe it, nearly double figures. They had separate birthday parties because they’re like chalk and cheese. One being pastel coloured hair chalk and the other being a big bit of Stilton. I’m not even joking, my 9 year old sister is obsessed with stinky cheese and the other one loves all things fashion, hair and beauty!  E had a Build-A-Bear Party the weekend before and Little G had a crafty party at a local craft centre at home in Chippenham, called Krafty Monkey! They specialise in decoupage which is essentially sticking different coloured and patterned bits of paper and decorating things, it’s amazing. It’s really fun and therapeutic and G loves it! Anyway, there was an empty seat because one of her friends couldn’t come in the end so me and Luke decided we could jump in a make some new ornaments for our new house! So this happened! I went for a gingham, spotty and stripy affair in red, yellow and black and Luke went for a cheeky camo number! They end up really shiny and smooth with the layer of PVA that y0u put over them!

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