Lemon & Ginger Tea Loaf with Teapigs


So the amazing people from Teapigs got in contact via Twitter asking for bloggers that loved tea and I went for it, bombarded them with tweets until they sent me a really really really big bag of tea in so many different flavours and types. 

This is the first of my Teapigs themed posts, I’ve got an iced tea recipe coming up next month which will be really exciting! 

Today’s recipe is for a day, a bit like today, gloomy and not sunny, iced tea just wasn’t appropriate today unfortunately. Instead I made some yummy Lemon & Ginger Tea Loaf.


The recipe I’ve used is from AllRecipes.com and you can find it here.

You need; 
280g (10 oz) raisins/sultanas
300ml (10 fl oz) strong hot tea
340g (12 oz) self raising flour
110g (4 oz) sugar
1 egg, beaten


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees or Gas Mark 4, if anyone uses Gas Marks anymore?!

At the same time you need to soak your dried fruit in the hot tea for 20 mins to half an hour, the perfect time to take a few snaps if you’re photographing your efforts, like me. If not, put the kettle on a have a sit down.

Weigh out all your ingredients and try not to spill it everywhere, like I did.
Mix your dry ingredients together and then add in your raisin mix and your beaten egg.
Mix together with a rubber spatula, try not to mix it too much, just fold it together so it’s all nicely mixed. Mix mix mix mixed, how many times can I say mix.Image

Put it all in a greased/oiled loaf tin. This is what mine looked like before I put it in. It needs about an hour to cook so just leave it happily in the oven and go and do something lovely. Well I suppose it’s washing up time, but that only takes 5 minutes. ImageImage

I sprinkled some brown sugar on top of mine and it makes the
top all crispy and sugary and yummy.


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