Lifestyle: Lunch & a wander

I haven’t done a lifestyle post for ages but I had a really lovely Sunday last weekend. Mr Friday & I had Sunday lunch at The Rose Cottage in Rufford, Nottinghamshire. Just over the road from Rufford Park in which we had a super cute little walk round the chilly grounds. Now, down to the important bit, I’m picky about my Sunday dinners because my daddy makes the, absolute ridiculously incredible roast dinners. They are literally the best, no question.


This Sunday dinner I had last week was about a 6/10. I really enjoyed it because it was yummy, yes, but it wasn’t amazing.  To start with, the service wasn’t amazing, the waitress nearly spilled my gravy all over me, partially because it was served on a square plate, which personally, I think is silly because the gravy will just escape! Also, my plate was chipped and both our meals weren’t hot enough so we had to send them back. When we got them back, it was nice, as I said I enjoyed it, the pork, mashed potato and veg were lovely actually and the yorkshire was pretty good too. I enjoy mashed potato with my roast dinner, it’s not something you see a lot but I think it’s amazing. The downsides were the roasties were nowhere near crispy enough, the apple sauce was probably Brakes and the stuffing balls were slightly too hard. But overall I enjoyed my dinner, but I don’t think I’d go back to The Rose Cottage for a Sunday roast.


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