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 Tidying up is never anyone’s favourite thing to do. Unless you’re off Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. Now, I love that programme and it does always make me want to clean everything in sight but I wouldn’t say I’m that crazy about my cleaning. I like things to be clean and tidy of course but if I forget to hoover it’s not going to bring me out in a rash.

Saying that, I love things to be away and in their place and as I’ve been staying more at Luke‘s house because it’s been the Easter break, I’ve managed to accumulate a large amount of stuff that normally has a place in my house! Luckily, this handy little storage box from The Camouflage Company popped through the letter box this week and it’s been an amazing addition to our storage problems. With us both being bloggers, we have probably more than enough products to fill a small Boots so we like to try and keep things tidy. We should be getting our own place sooner rather than later too and I wanted to get a pretty bit of storage for our new bathroom, which I want to have a hint of pink!

 photo IMG_6490_zpsa244ccae.jpg  photo IMG_6492_zps671dd67f.jpg

These nifty boxes from The Camouflage Company foldaway for when you don’t need them which is clever and handy for storing them and they also come in a massive range of styles, sizes, shapes and designs! I have my eye on a pink gingham set too which are perfectly pretty. Other plus points about these lovely items are the fact that it’s wipe clean which means they’re perfect for storing products like moisturisers in and they have sturdy side pieces to keep it in good shape and you have a strap to put over the top to keep things all tight and tidy! It also fits lovely into IKEA units.

 photo IMG_6493_zps8ee40ea4.jpg  photo IMG_6497_zps98a3c64e.jpg  photo IMG_6499_zps6f0ebc35.jpg  photo IMG_6500_zpse185caf8.jpg

Indie Chic Small Foldaway Box – £16.00

So if you’ve got some clutter issues, need some sorting but don’t just want to shove it all away in drawers, perhaps invest in some pretty storage to help you out and spur you on with some inspiration! I think it’s like when you have pretty gym wear, it makes you want to go the gym more… If you have pretty storage, you might want to tidy up more! (Maybe?!)

Let me know what you think!

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