Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit Review

Sleek is a brand that I’ve only dabbled in with a few cheek/blusher/bronzer products. I absolutely love their contour kit, I’ll be repurchasing that forever but I haven’t ventured further into the realms of the other items! I received this in the Boots Give it A Go Daily box that I featured in my last post and I’ve decided to give it a separate post review because I’m loving it!

In terms of the formula of the product, the waxy side is more of a gel, it isn’t as hard to work with as other eyebrow waxes I’ve tried, for example the Clarins one I’ve recently reviewed. I actually prefer it to be more of a gel as it’s easier to work with and it’s coloured the same as the powder which makes it really easy to blend together. I tend to finish my brows off with some Maybelline Brow Drama to give them extra staying power.

 photo IMG_7307_zps6434c44f.jpg

The Sleek palette looks very similar to a cult brow product we all know about but I’ve not actually used – Benefit Browzings. BUT I reckon this is a very similar product as it also has a wax as well as a powder to help shape and colour the brows. I’ve used this every day since my first trial and I’ve loved it. The colour is perfect for me, (I’ve got the Dark version), it’s really easy to use and the tweezers are actually really good! Normally in little palettes like this the tweezers are a bit naff, but these actually work. I’ve taken to using a longer handled eyebrow brush than is provided though, just for ease of use and my personal preference.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone who’s after a high street brow product that really delivers! It’s under £10 which I think is an absolute bargain for the quality of product that you’re getting.

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Sleek Brow Kit – £8.49*

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