3 essential adulting things to learn

Adulting is so boring sometimes but, I’ll let you into a secret, it actually feels so good when you understand how to do something super adult-y. I’m talking the boring shit that your mum or dad always used (and still sometimes do) for you. Here are three adulting nightmares that we’ve overcome in the past year or so that I thought I’d offer some boring (but helpful) tips on.
1. Home shit
Utilities are the one thing that no one wants to pay for, right? It’s so annoying. But, it’s even more annoying when you overspend on these things and don’t know how to save money. We learned the hard way and now we know exactly how to use our water heating without using the ‘boost’ button that costs loads of money! Yay. Some home shit that I’d massively recommend learning about is storage heaters if you live in a flat. These can rinse your money SO BADLY. We got a nasty surprise with our electric because we didn’t know how to use them properly so it feels awesome going into winter actually knowing what we’re doing now.
Top tip: 
Ask your landlord or estate agency people for all of the info on your boiler, your heating appliances and everything else that you might not know exactly how to use before you get a nasty bill.
2. Car shit
Spending money on car stuff is the worst and remembering when to do it is even more annoying but it’s easier to get stuff sorted and spend £100 than to be stuck on a country road broken down when it’s raining. Check your brakes, change your tyres when you need to, get your service done like your dad always tells you too and don’t forget about your MOT because you could get in trouble for not having one if you get into an accident or anything.
Top tip:
Set yourself a reminder on your phone or in your calendar or diary when you need to book your MOT because usually, they don’t remind you when it’s going to need re-doing if you go to a local garage! Luckily, you can book MOTs online at Kwik Fit which is mad helpful and they do offer a reminder service which is a life saver. 
3. Money shit
You guys will know that I love chatting about saving money, budgeting and how to make your money go further. (And also how to get freebies!). Check out my post – 4 ways to be better with money for a few more tips. But, in terms of adulting stuff that I’ve learnt about money it’s been all about saving, creating a Help To Buy bank account and trying to learn about mortgages. I would love any other tips anyone’s got about buying houses and stuff because it’s one thing that I find super tricky to get my head around! This is the one thing that I don’t understand that much about when it comes to adulting, like, how do you buy a house? I’m learning. Help.
Top tip:
Create direct debits and standing orders for everything from savings to paying your mum back to your Help To Buy. If it leaves your account on pay day, it’s gone and you’ve already saved it!

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  1. Helpful post Allie! Im currently trying to save for a house, I opened a LISA account with Skipton Building Society as its the only ISA that can be used as your deposit and you get 25% extra from the Government providing you buy a house :)! So for £8000 saving you get £10,000!

    Im dreading the utilities bit, im one of those people who likes to know exactly how much ill be spending each month, that uncertainty is going to kill my anxiety lol!

    Kylie | http://www.firstforeverything.co.uk

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