Stila Waterproof Brow Pen Review


I was watching some videos from with Binky from Made in Chelsea & Daniel Sandler and he used this on her brows and said that it was waterproof. This really interested me because I’ve been using the MUA Cosmetics Brow Palette with a little Topshop angled brush. I love it when it goes on, it’s easy to use and I like to mix the two colours and it matches my eyebrows perfectly. BUT, when I look in the mirror like an hour later, I HAVE NO EYEBROWS. That annoys me so much. I feel like, if I don’t have my fringe down obv, I need my eyebrows to frame my face.

I picked this up from, the delivery was pretty quick and also free! The Stila brow pen was £13.50. My MUA brow palette is £3.50 but to be honest, if it’s going to stay on my face, I will pay ten quid more for it. I don’t think it’s too extortionate though really, I mean it’s just over £10. If it works, that’s cheap!

I got the colour Medium, it comes in Light, Medium & Dark and I settled for medium as I’m definitely not light as that would be for blondes and I don’t like to have my brows too dark anymore so I wouldn’t be dark. I used to love having really dark eyebrows, but now I think it might look a bit crazy. Noone wants to be the crazy eyebrow lady.

This is my before and after type-o-thang. As you can see, my eyebrows are quite shaped but I need a bit of extra love on the ends where they’re quite thin. I just fill them in on the ends to give them a bit more shape and I have a funny gap in my right eyebrow that appeared from no-where so I have to fill that bad boy in.

ImageIsn’t a great photo below, but this was when I got back from being out all day, about 8 o’clock at night, brows still intact. So impressed by this brow pen! I would definitely recommend it. 
ave you tried this brow pen? Let me know your favourite brow products 🙂

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