Never Trust Someone With Bad Eyebrows

That’s pretty much my life motto. Alongside all the other serious shit we have to put up with in life, why can’t we all just have nice eyebrows and be happy? Eyebrows are so important for the shape of your face, in my opinion they really finish things off and make you look more polished.

I’ve recently been converted to HD Brows by the amazing Yasmin from Studio Y Beauty Bar. I’ve always left my brows because they’re quite thin so I’ve not had to pluck them or shape them myself at all, they just don’t grow! So, all I’ve ever done is use a range of products to paint them on. From pencil to pomade and liquid brow liner and brow mascara, all of it, I’ve used it! But, I was getting fed up of them just fading throughout the day and just looking worn out after a few hours. My brows are quite light in colour naturally so I like to go a lot darker with them to match my hair.

So, here came in HD Brows and I’m so happy with them. Now, all I do is pop a little bit of brow pomade or pencil on the ends to lengthen them slightly and some Browcote to finish them off and I’m done because they’re super dark and shaped without any makeup on them thanks to Yas!

If you’re Nottingham based, you can find Yas at 155 Front Street, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 7ED, located above Eyestyle Opticians. I’d 100% recommend her amazing service, fab skills and lovely little salon. 

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